Hi All,

I was recently working in  Invoice data extraction from ECC to BW.I was implementing the standard BC objects of 2LIS_06_INV however there is no mappings available between the Datasource and the Infosource from the standard contents. I tried in lot of SDN threads and many SAP help portals but i couldn’t find the mappings between them and i saw some threads this BC is incomplete.Finally i found the answer and i thought it would be helpful for our folks who is searching for these mapping details now or in near future.

These mappings to the Infosource is based on the DSO – 0LIV_DS01; but still we can use this mappings and the data flow to get the Invoice details for the SRM standard DSO 0SRIV_D3 ( This is method will be applicable to the Extended Classic Scenario in SRM )

Content Source DataSource  2LIS_06_INV
SAP Target InfoSource  2LIS_06_INV
Source Field Name Description Data Type Length Rule Type Target InfoObject Description InfoObjTyp Length
KOART Account Type CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0ACCT_TYPE Account type CHAR 1
VORNR Oper./Act. CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0ACTIVITY Network Activity CHAR 4
LSTAR Activity Type CHAR 6 [DIRECT] 0ACTTYPE Activity Type CHAR 6
ANLN2 Subnumber CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0ASSET Asset Sub-number CHAR 4
ANLN1 Asset CHAR 12 [DIRECT] 0ASSET_MAIN Main Asset Number CHAR 12
BASME Base unit UNIT 3 [DIRECT] 0BASE_UOM Base Unit of Measure UNIT 3
KNTTP Acct Assgt Cat. CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BBP_ACCCAT Account Assignment Category CHAR 5
COBL_NR Seq. no. NUMC 4 [DIRECT] 0BBP_ACC_NO Sequential Number of Account Assignment NUMC 4
LFPOS Ref. Doc. Item NUMC 4 [DIRECT] 0BBP_COITEM Item Number in Confirmation Document NUMC 10
LFBNR Reference Doc. CHAR 10 [DIRECT] 0BBP_CON_ID Confirmation Number CHAR 10
KONNR Agreement CHAR 10 [DIRECT] 0BBP_CTC_ID Contract ID CHAR 10
KTPNR Agreement Item NUMC 5 [DIRECT] 0BBP_CTITEM Item Number in Contract NUMC 10
XBLNR Reference CHAR 16 [DIRECT] 0BBP_DELREF Vendor Document Number CHAR 16
BKTXT Doc.Header Text CHAR 25 [DIRECT] 0BBP_DESCR Name of Document CHAR 40
EREKZ Final Invoice CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BBP_FININ2 Final Invoice Indicator 2 CHAR 1
MWSKZ_BNK Tax Code CHAR 2 [DIRECT] 0BBP_FRTCOD Freight Tax Indicator CHAR 2
BUZEI Item NUMC 6 [DIRECT] 0BBP_INITEM Item Number in Invoice NUMC 10
IVTYP IV category CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BBP_INPTYP Creation Indicator CHAR 1
BELNR Document Number CHAR 10 [DIRECT] 0BBP_INV_ID Invoice Number CHAR 10
EBELP Item NUMC 5 [DIRECT] 0BBP_POITEM Item Number in Order Document NUMC 10
EBELN Purchasing Doc. CHAR 10 [DIRECT] 0BBP_PO_ID Number of Purchase Order CHAR 10
XRECH Invoice CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BBP_SUBTYP Document Characteristics CHAR 2
SPGRS Blkg Reas. Amount CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_AM Blocking Reason: Amount CHAR 1
SPGRT Bl. Reason Date CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_DT Blocking Reason: Date CHAR 1
ZLSPR Pmnt Block CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_HM Blocking Reason: Manual (Header) CHAR 1
MRM_ZLSPR Log. payt block CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_HS Blocking Reason: Statistical (Header) CHAR 1
SPGRQ Man.Block.Reasn CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_MN Blocking Reason: Manual (Item) CHAR 1
SPGRV Block.reas:proj CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_PJ Blocking Reason: Project Budget CHAR 1
SPGRG Block.reas: OPQ CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_PQ Blocking Reason: Purchase Order Price Quantity CHAR 1
SPGRP Block.reas.Pr. CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_PR Blocking Reason: Price CHAR 1
SPGRC Block: quality CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_QL Blocking Reason: Quality CHAR 1
SPGRM Block.reas.:qty CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0BLCKRSN_QN Blocking Reason: Quantity CHAR 1
GSBER Business Area CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0BUS_AREA Business area CHAR 4
BLDAT Document Date DATS 8 [TIME] 0CALDAY Calendar Day DATS 8
KTOPL Chart of Accts CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0CHRT_ACCTS Chart of accounts CHAR 4
FIPOS Commitment Item CHAR 14 [DIRECT] 0CMMT_ITEM Commitment item CHAR 24
BUKRS Company Code CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0COMP_CODE Company code CHAR 4
AUFNR Order CHAR 12 [DIRECT] 0COORDER Order Number CHAR 12
KOSTL Cost Center CHAR 10 [DIRECT] 0COSTCENTER Cost Center CHAR 10
KOKRS CO Area CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0CO_AREA Controlling area CHAR 4
UMREN Denominator DEC 5 [DIRECT] 0DENOMIN_SU Denominator for Converting BaseUoM into Sales Unit INT4 4
BPUMN Qty Conversion DEC 5 [DIRECT] 0DENOMI_UC Denominator for Conversion of OUn into OPUn DEC 9
GJAHR Fiscal Year NUMC 4 [TIME] 0FISCYEAR Fiscal year NUMC 4
FIKRS FM Area CHAR 4 [DIRECT] 0FM_AREA Financial Management Area CHAR 4
FKBER Functional Area CHAR 16 [DIRECT] 0FUNC_AREA Functional area CHAR 16
FISTL Funds Center CHAR 16 [DIRECT] 0FUNDS_CTR Funds Center CHAR 16
WEPOS Goods Receipt CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0GR_INDIC Goods Receipt Indicator CHAR 1
WEUNB GR Non-Valuated CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0GR_NONVAL Goods Receipt, Non-Valuated CHAR 1
WAERS Currency CUKY 5 [DIRECT] 0INV_CURR Currency of Invoice CUKY 5
LIFNR Invoicing Pty CHAR 10 [DIRECT] 0INV_PTY Different invoicing party CHAR 10
RBSTAT Inv. status CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0INV_STAT Invoice Status CHAR 1
PSTYP Item Category CHAR 1 [DIRECT] 0ITM_CAT Item Category in Purchasing Document CHAR 1
ARKUEN Inv. reduction CURR 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_AUIVR Automatic Invoice Reduction Amount (Net) CURR 9
ARKUEMW Tax inv. red. CURR 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_AUIVRT Tax for Automatic Invoice Reduction Amount CURR 9
AREWR GR/IR clr.value CURR 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_GRIRLC Clearing Value GR/IR Account in Local Currency CURR 9
BPWEM GR Qty in OPUn QUAN 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_GRQEPU Goods Receipt Quantity in Purchase Order Price Unit QUAN 9
WEMNG Received QUAN 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_GRQHOU Goods Receipt Quantity in Purchase Order Unit QUAN 9
WEWWR GR val.(FCurr.) CURR 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_GRVHIC Goods Receipt Value in Invoice Currency CURR 9
DIFFN IV Difference CURR 13 [DIRECT] 0LIV_IVDFF Total-Based Accepted Invoice Difference (Net) CURR 9
DIFFMW Tax difference CURR