5 Habits That Can Damage Your Computer Unnoticeably


As a computer owner, you must know how to take care of the device. Sometimes, it’s difficult to figure out threats that can come from the surroundings within the house. 

Knowing what these potential risks could be and how to counter them gives you an advantage. So, let’s look at such risks and damages to the computer and the ways to prevent them. After all, you want to keep the device in good condition regardless if you are using it for entertainment or work.

Pets on the Laptop

If you do not have pets, you should not bother with this. But if you have a cat or any other pet that roams freely at your home, you might have noticed them sitting on your laptop time and again. It’s your laptop’s warmth that attracts your pet, and when the laptop is shut down, it will not attract them. 

If you let your cat rest on the laptop, thinking that it would not cause problems to the device, you need to reconsider. Your pet’s hair will clog inside the laptop and will interrupt the internal hardware. It will require additional cleaning and vacuuming to pull all those hair out of the device. 

But before you even notice, your computer’s system will slow down, and it would be hard to detect the problem. If you hear any loud noise coming out of the laptop, it could be the internal fan. Your laptop may start overheating, and cleaning the filth or investing in a cooling pad can be the optimal solution. 

Cluttered Hard Drive

Filling up the hard drive space can happen quite fast, and you may not be able to detect this at first. Some of the modern apps and programs require quite a considerable storage space which clutters your hard drive quickly. Some laptops are usually shipped with lesser storage space than desktop computers and are non-upgradable. 

As a rule of thumb, you should always have at least 15 percent of free storage space available on the hard drive. As soon as you reach that mark, your hard drive will start behaving abnormally. Keep a consistent check on the drive’s health and limit the downloads or remove unnecessary apps to keep up well with storage. 

If you are not sure of the ways to keep your system in good health, go through the link to learn a few tips that can help you get along.

Failure to Organize Cables

If you think cables are all about a bunch of wires and rubber coating that doesn’t require any additional care, you need to rethink. People usually have a habit of twisting, rolling, and wrapping cables all around, which is not wrong, but you have to keep them more organized. They are lightweight and easy to manage, and they demand consideration. 

Though it’s not a problem with laptops, you have to spend some time in cable management if you are using a desktop. It will make your computer desk look organized and will make you feel good. Don’t twist or roll the cables of your PC and computer accessories at odd angles, and do not strain them when they are plugged in. Use cable organizers and clippers to keep the cables in shape. 

Overcharging Your Laptop Battery

Well, this is something that the majority of users normally do without realizing the harm that they are doing to their laptops. If you are one among them, stop overcharging your laptop’s battery now to enhance its life and performance. Do not charge your laptop when the battery is already at the 100 percent mark. 

Overcharging can severely reduce the battery life of the device. Today’s laptops come with lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries that run for longer and do not require your charger plugged in all the time. This can also overheat the battery leading to other potential issues. 

Having Meals Near Laptop

People are accustomed to the comfort that working with a laptop brings along, and eating around the delicate device is one among them. If you have a habit of having your meals sitting around your laptop while watching movies or playing your favorite video game, change it as soon as possible as it can cause hazards beyond repair. 

The drinks, as well as the crumbs of food, can go inside the keyboard of your laptop or desktop computer. It will clog the keys and can interrupt the smooth functioning of the computer. If you keep a glass of liquid near the computer and forget later, you can accidentally spill it over the keyboard or mouse and damage them. 


A little consideration can help you keep your computer in good condition for longer. Changing your habits can improve your system’s performance and allow you to get more out of it. Take the advice in this article and use it to take better care of your computer.

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