A cockpit to efficiently and flexibly manage customer: Reporting on project-related KPIs, project cash flow accounting and reporting are critical to companies delivering capital-intensive projects as part of their core business.

However, in many cases these processes are only insufficiently supported by project management information systems and tools. As a result, the process is often based on spreadsheets, time-consuming, error-prone and cumbersome for project managers, project accountants and controllers. To accommodate both current and future requirements from the business as well as to integrate existing and new systems can be complex and costly.

A cockpit to efficiently and flexibly manage customer

Examples of customer requirements for a personalized, simplified and optimized process are listed in the below graphic.

To accommodate these requirements a cockpit for project-related key figures including project cash flow reporting can be delivered as a custom-developed solution by SAP Custom Development.

The only prerequisite for using the cockpit is an active SAP PS Project Cash Management (SAP ERP PS-CAF, PS-COS) in ECC 600 (ERP 6.0 EhP0 or higher). The cockpit is well suited to leverage SAP HANA capabilities and could also be made available in a mobile version.

The framework provides a central point of entry via a configurable and personalized project dashboard. In addition to master data also various project-related, configurable KPIs are shown at a glance. From within the project dashboard context relevant applications can be launched. For example SAP GUI transactions as well as SAP Web Dynpro applications are supported. For project cash flow reporting a SAP Web Dynpro application is used, which is able to support a template-based approach via a standardized report layout. It is also possible to create e.g. country-specific report lines.

The custom-developed solution can be provided as an add-on and is based on ABAP Web Dynpro using Personal Object Worklist (POWL) and Launchpad infrastructure. Capabilities can for example include:

  • Configurable Project Dashboard
    • Navigation
    • Settings
    • Queries
  • Configurable Project Cash Report
    • Launching backend transactions (e.g. CJ03)
    • Recalculate KPIs
    • Project cash report execution
    • Project cash report features
      • ‘Currency Conversion…’
      • ‘Print Version’
      • ‘Export’ to MS Excel
      • ‘Time Frame’ settings
      • Graphic
    • Recalculate KPIs
    • Configuration
      • Project cash report layout
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the level of database tables (e.g. PROJ) and fields
  • Configuration
    • Overview Project Cockpit Customizing
    • General POWL TYPE settings
    • Dashboard Configuration

The customer value that can be realized by using a cockpit for project-related KPIs is depicted in the below graphic.

SAP Custom Development offers a wide range of services for building custom applications to address unique, often mission-critical, business challenges. Working with customers and SAP Custom Development creates applications that deliver powerful, differentiating solutions. Combined with SAP Custom Development’s comprehensive maintenance offerings and SAP Advisory and Implementation Services it is a fast, low risk way to seize market opportunities and respond dynamically to new business challenges.

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