A New Era of hybris China Localization: Following the vision of “Innovate in China for China and the World”, the hybris localization team in Shanghai officially launched the first edition of hybris Commerce Suite Integration with Marketplace (with built-in templates for Taobao and TMall) on November 20, 2015. The integration accommodates the special needs of online merchants in China where marketplaces play a dominant role in the online e-commerce market, incorporating best practices from customer implementation experiences. The release represents a significant step forward for the hybris localization in China.


Based on SAP hybris Commerce 5.7, the new solution takes into consideration the integration complexity, for example, the diversity in Chinese marketplaces, various business processes and huge volumes of orders during big promotions like 11.11. The solution leverages the hybris Datahub’s scalability and extensibility. It has a series of built-in data models to support typical marketplace order processing. Moreover, customers have the full flexibility to adjust or extend the solution to meet their individual requirements.

Product Preview

  • The integration can be configured and customized to support the major domestic marketplace platforms.


  • The integration supports multiple merchants or service provider businesses like Taobao Partners (TP).


  • The integration supports multiple stores operated in the same marketplace.


  • The integration supports quick authentication, which is based on OAuth 2.0.


  • The integration supports order data initialization and real-time order replication.



Go To Market

Immediately after the release, the team broadcast the news to the market via the WeChat public accounts SAP Labs China and SAP Daily (with our special thanks here!). It soon got 4000+ reads and became a hot topic in WeChat Moments.


In the meantime, the team has started formal rollout activities. A webinar targeted at external hybris implementation partners was held, attracting more than 70 participants. The participants were very excited about the new integration solution and tons of questions were discussed in the session. In addition, an internal enablement session targeted at internal Sales/Presales/IVE/Service/Support colleagues has been scheduled.

Several customers who are implementing hybris or prospects, including global ones, have expressed interest in the solution. We are actively working together with Field on the engagement activities.



The hybris localization team at Globalization Services will continuously optimize and enrich the solution with more integration scenarios such as product content publication, listing/delisting, marketplace stock management, and return/refund process in the coming quarters.

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