ABAP Language News for Release 7.40: This blog summarizes a series of blogs that I have written about the most important ABAP language news for Release 7.40 during the last few month.

Getting Started

First you might be interested in

What is ABAP 7.40?

Then you can

Warm up with Expressions.

ABAP News by Subject

Have a more detailed look at

  • Expressions
    • Inline Declarations
    • Constructor Expressions
      • Instance operator NEW
      • Value operator VALUE
      • Reference operator REF
      • Conversion and casting operators CONV and CAST
      • Lossless operator EXACT
      • Conditional operators COND and SWITCH
  • ABAP Objects
  • Internal Tables
    • Table expressions
    • Internal table functions
    • Internal tables with empty key
  • External interfaces
    • ABAP and JSON
    • ABAP and WebSockets
  • Documentation in ADT (Eclipse)
    • ABAP Doc
    • ABAP Keyword Documentation

After all of this, surely it is time to say bye, bye to MOVE and COMPUTE …

Learn More

Lookup the News in the ABAP Keyword Documentation.

Come to CD261 at TechEd 2013 (rock your code with ABAP 7.40)!

There is also a slide deck around somewhere.

More News

Meanwhile, support Packages are out that are bundled with new kernel releases and that come with further new ABAP features.


  • ABAP Language News for Release 7.40, SP05
  • ABAP Language News for Release 7.40, SP08

for further enhancements of the ABAP language!

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