Continuation to Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) – Installation and Configuration – I

Here I have selected ERS instance

Logon to https://host:port/NWA

Start the SAP NetWeaver Administrator and navigate to “Configuration –> Scenarios –> Configuration Wizard”.

Click on link “Functional Unit Configuration UI”. Select Functional Unit “Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)”.

All required Functional Units are selected automatically.

Run the configuration wizard – Note 1414465 – Configuration Wizard: PI-AEX initial setup

You get a “Timeout” error in Import of ESR content step.

Note 1488594 – PI CTC: Connection to system Integration Builder lost

You can skip or retry the step. Anyway, to make sure whether the ESR Content (XI SAP Basis Content) import was successful or not, logon to the ESR and check this.

Next run System Landscape Directory configuration wizard.

When all the wizards are run you can see the status as “Enabled” for respective Functional Units.

Reboot the system after the Wizard has been completed.

Check for initial logon page.

Call the J2EE Engine start page https://:<port> and navigate to “User Management”. Search for the users names you have entered in the Wizard UI. Select the ‘Roles’ tab to check the UME Roles assignment. All users must have appropriate roles assigned.

Check Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) – Installation and Configuration – III for next steps.

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