The SAP Forum Basel 2017 let our customers and partners discover how a digital festival looks like in the SAP community: inspiring, entertaining, interactive, and of course, informative. And there is no other better way to learn how our solutions help to digitalize the business, than hearing it from a customer. We are really proud to have had AMAG as presenter at the event, proving the business value of Connected Fleet from our Leonardo portfolio.

On the SAP Forum Basel, we showed how we are leveraging the Vehicle Insights Application and the SAP Cloud Platform to change the mobility business in a real customer case: AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG. They are one of the leading car importer companies in Switzerland. Besides their import business, the company has car dealerships, service centers, car rental services and used car businesses. They are using SAP Vehicle Insights as their innovation platform for their future connected car services, such as real-time fleet management. With this solution AMAG aims to reduce their customer’s TCO by 5-10%, through reduction of maintenance efforts, improving driving behavior and optimizing fuel consumption. For more information about AMAG, their vision and their collaboration with SAP, have a look at this article that was recently published in the Computerworld. AMAG realized that the future is not about the automobile itself, but about mobility, and that the key to ensure future growth is dealing with digital services around the car and the driver. They decided to go with SAP to implement the digital foundation to develop those digital services on top. This Digital Foundation is SAP Vehicle Insights, which is an application sitting on top of the SAP Cloud platform. The live telematics data are sent to our platform using a dongle, which is a device connected to the OBD-Port (On-Board-Diagnose-Port) of the car.

Jointly, we implemented a productive pilot in 4 months for the AMAG employees at management level. The scope was Fleet Management and Digital Driver Logbook. At the SAP Forum this was showcased in a stand where the project lead, Daniel Koelsch, has shown in real time these vehicles and the corresponding parameters being tracked, like GPS-position, speed, acceleration or fuel level. At the entrance of the Congress Center Basel we had a VW e-up model, equipped with the dongle, as an example of a connected car.


The presentation of AMAG was the discovery path of their digital strategy and the proof that SAP is the right partner to execute it. Philipp Wetzel, the Marketing & New Business lead, and Frank Böhmerle, Business Development Aftersales lead, shared with us how a Swiss company with a traditional business model can transform into a Digital Services Company with the use of IoT. Fleet Management and Digital Driver Logbook is a part of their vision that served as initial proof point.



The future focus is to achieve customer loyalty through a positive customer experience. For AMAG it is clear that everything depends on a direct interface to the technical data of the vehicle, a good partner ecosystem and a comprehensive catalog of mobility services. New services like Usage-based insurance, Car/Ride-Sharing or Location-based offers, can help improve customer service and disrupt existing business models. The possibilities are endless.

AMAG is an official reference for SAP Vehicle insights, and the Business Transformational Study will be ready soon.

If you missed the opportunity at the SAP Forum Basel, AMAG will be also present as a speaker in the SAP Leonardo Live event. It is not just another business conference, so join us in Frankfurt, from July 11th to 12th, and learn how SAP is connecting the IoT World!

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