Introduction : This document will provide you access to the common OData destinations that you can simply import and use !

Target audience : Beginners and experts alike

Date created : 05.09.216

Note for the readers : This is a living document and I will keep on updating it iteratively. If you find across any content that is not covered or if you have any free / public destination that can be used for demo purposes, please let me know via comments and I will update the document.

HCP = Hana Cloud Platform

1). Services from

Service Link to service
Northwind service
The Northwind database
Sample OData Service (read-only)
Categories, Product and Supplier data
Sample OData Service (read / write)

Categories, Product and Supplier data

2). services from SAP ES4 System

The exposed services need one time signup but authentication every time you use the service. Please sign up with details provide in below link.

Sign up and get started with the SAP Gateway – Demo Consumption System

More details about exposed SAP ES4 services

Service Link to service
(EPM) Enterprise Procurement Model (QCRUD)
SAP Flight data (read only) sap-ds-debug=true
(EPM) Enterprise Procurement Model (read only) ?sap-ds-debug=true

It is interesting to note that these links still work if you remove “?sap-ds-debug=true” at the trailing end. Adding “?sap-ds-debug=true” provides some more information than the URL without it.

Link to ready to import destination file

I would recommend you to try to create your own destination from scratch. But if you face any problems just download the above file and import into your HCP destinations.

Destination Link to ready to import destination file / Northwind
Please put in your own username in the destination. I have removed mine.

Importing the destination

If you open the file with Notepad it just has the following information. No rocket science involved so far. ES4


#Mon Sep 05 11:11:35 UTC 2016







Description=northwind OData Service

#Password=<< Existing password/certificate removed on Export >>


#Mon Sep 05 21:39:46 UTC 2016

Description=ES4 Demo System











Please note the   “/” at the end of the URL

Testing a destination

You can also test a created destination without edit mode

New NetWeaver Information at

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