An useful Chrome extension – UI5 Inspector There is a useful Chrome Extension for UI5 which could be downloaded via url:

Once installed, there will be a new tab “UI5” in Chrome development tool.

Within this tab, instead of displaying the native HTML dom elements in traditional “Elements” tab, it will display UI5 controls together with their properties. See the navigation back button for example.


Compare with the original property display for this navigation button:

Through comparison, we can easily find out that the Chrome extension provides us a more neat view which can help us concentrate on those UI5 properties. So many don’t know how to fix err_cache_miss error. It occurs due to faulty settings and configurations, inappropriate extensions, browser cache, and similar problems. So in this case disappears after restarting the browser or updating it to the latest version available.

In the Bindings tab, there are more detail information regarding a control if it is bound to a given model field, for example the binding path, the current value of the model field, the field type, and model type, as displayed below:

The Application Information tab contains general information of current UI5 application, so it is not necessary for you to press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P to get this information displayed.

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