Back in August, I posted a challenge for a new set of community videos.  My goal was to get more people to introduce themselves, using “talking pictures.”  We got a few new contributors, and a fresh set of images to pass around.  What follows are not the winners, since anyone who stepped up to the challenge and delivered a tiny piece of themselves for public scrutiny deserves the highest praise.  What follows are the entries that were chosen that best fit silly categories we came up with, out of the nominees (partly pared down in the essence of time) previously announced.


(And remember, if you don’t like these, start your own challenge)


Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up now.




Least Appropriate Use of A Musical Instrument (or Sound Track) in a Motion Picture


This one would probably go to Mark Finnern, as many like to deride the accordion, for whatever reason, though probably not John Appleby, as his musical skills are very evident.  No, this one goes to John Astill, for including a musical instrument, the guitar neck, in the footage, but then paying no attention to it.  A set dressers dream.

Note to other film directors – John’s footage is a mere 19 seconds.  Brief and to the point.







Best Effort by A Female


This one started out tough, and would be tougher  if we had more entries from women.  And that was the sole requirement.  Everyone of the entries was superb, with a lot of information sharing.  Almost, but not quite, too much.

However, in the last few days, circumstances have dictated that the winner of this category is Gretchen Lindquist.  





Least Effective Use of High Definition Video


Maybe I think through these awards too deeply.  The original idea here was to separate out the high quality recordings, by which I mean high number of pixels per square inch, not necessarily high quality performances or production values.  In fact, the higher the resolution, and the worse the production values, the better chance of winning this category.  So if you set the camera up and just talked into it, not much going for you.  But if you did shaky hand-held work, or other inadvertent quality degradation, great.


This SCnotty goes to Martin Gillet – “Order here, if you please”







Most Likely to Disqualify a non-SAP-Mentor for the Mentor Program


Another challenging category, and in a good way, as the submissions to the SCNOtties for 2010 weren’t all from Mentors.  Remember this is in good fun, so we don’t literally mean that the chosen one in this category will never be a Mentor.  Who knows, other miracles have happened!


And while there strong entries here, for being funny, personal, and to the point (in 19 seconds) the winner is Derek Loranca









No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Video



I may have missed a stray dog, er, clip, for this category, as Gretchen had a dog, and Greg Myers had his worms.  I mean, he has worms in his basement, not that he has worms. 


The title implies the potential for danger to some living creature(s), so in that sense a sock puppet does not qualify.  But if the sock puppet had been animated or had a semblance of living attributes, things might be different.  Putting puffed sugar into a dog’s mouth qualifies for risk factors; because Lucky and Paisley survived this endangerment, the SCNotties goes to them.  Greg can explain it.





The Only Way You’re Going to Skywalker Ranch is Via the Paid Tour



With the SCNotties, low budget special effects are favored.  But these days, with “free” editing software shipped with OSes and cameras and who knows what else (cereal boxes), the ability to make something unobtainable decades ago.  Special effects in the SCnotties world can be cheap-looking.  There were a couple that were equally lame.


The SCNotties goes to  Roel van den Berge.





Least Effective Public Service Announcement (formerly: Scariest Performance)


Last year, it was touch and go between Jon Reed and Dennis Howlett about whose performance was scarier.  This year, the category morphed slightly to focus on a specific public sector entity  known as the “Public Service Announcement” or PSA for short.  Those who might be late night TV watchers are familiar with the pleas for contributions, the dire warnings and the generally low key delivery and lack of production values.  Two SCNotties entries met the criteria for “yeah, it’s time to turn off the tube and hit the sack.”


And the SCNotties goes to Sally Struthers.




[UPDATE 25-OCT-2010 – try this one instead]




None of the Above


We had intended to make this category a catch-all for whichever video didn’t fit into a specific place.  As it turns out, one fit less well than any other.







Let the after-parties begin!

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