ANN: SAP GUI for Java 7.40 rev 7 available for download.

Enhancements and New Features

  • SAP UI Landscape:
    • The landscape converter now also supports exporting port numbers instead of service names when converting old SAP logon configuration files from SAP GUI for Windows.


  • Enhanced Search:
    • It could happen that an unintended request for the result list of enhanced search could block the session for further input.
  • Table Control:
    • Exceptions occurring in special cases resulted in an unusable screen.
  • Tabstrip:
    • Switching between screens both having tabstrips could result in a blank popup menu to be shown in the navigation menu.
    • Switching between screens both having tabstrips could result in exceptions causing the screen no longer to be usable.
  • Grid Control:
    • Some exceptions have been fixed.
    • Icons on buttons disappeared after clicking on them.
    • The drop focus is no longer shown at locations where dropping is not possible.
    • The cursor is more consistent with the availability of target drop actions while dragging.
    • Incorrect drop operations outside the GUI window are now prevented.
    • The active cursor zone placement for the subtotal row expand icons has been corrected.
  • Html Control:
    • When performing a POST via a SAPEVENT, the data entered in a form was only transferred on the second attempt.
  • Tree Control:
    • The coding is now more robust in case items can not be found because of receiving incorrect ids from the back end.
    • A threading issue regarding expanding nodes has been solved.
  • TextEdit Control:
    • When changing the text via scripting, the change has not been sent back to the back end.
  • Calendar Control:
    • In some cases, there have been issues with the layout of the calendar.
  • Signature Design using a System Dependent Scheme:
    • The ABAP call requesting the current background color did not receive the correct value when a system dependent scheme was active. This resulted in a background color in the html control inconsistent with the rest of the window.
    • The background color of controls like Toolbar and Tree when located in a dock shell has been inconsistent.
    • An inconsistent color in Grid control has been fixed.
  • High Contrast Theme:
    • Issues with text and background color of cells inside a Grid control have been fixed.
  • Application Quit:
    • Quitting the application from the “File” menu could result in a hang when several windows were open.
    • OS X only: After problems with the network connection sometimes it has not been possible to quit the application.


For details please refer to the manual (chapter “6.2 Release Notes and System Requirements” and “2. Installation”) of the PlatinManual and SAP note 2059424.

Please use Java 8 Update 40 or newer, because some known issues related to the Html control component have been addressed.

Planning information

SAP GUI for Java 7.30 is no longer supported. Therefore please upgrade to SAP GUI for Java 7.40.

For migrating your landscape configuration, please refer to the SAP UI Landscape Configuration Guide.

Best regards

Rolf-Martin Wörsinger

P.S. For feedback and questions, please post a new thread.

In case you want to report an issue, preferably create a support message on component BC-FES-JAV.

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