The Revenue planning, CAPEX planning, OPEX Planning, Manpower Planning, Financial statement  planning ( Balance sheet and Cash Flow ) will form the basis for the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC).

The key  planning  requirements under the following major headings:

  • Initiate Planning
  • Revenue Planning
  • CAPEX Planning
  • OPEX Planning
  • Manpower Cost Planning
  • Financial Statement Planning ( BS & CF Items)

The process:

1.  Initiate the Planning: – Load the  previous year data & copy the current year data: AOP Process in SAP BPC will begin by loading previous year’s actual data from SAP BW . SAP BW will extract data from SAP ECC (HCM,CAPEX and Cost center data) and SAP APO DP (Sales volume data) applications. All the relevant data will be loaded in SAP BPC via SAP BI.

2. Revenue planning- will begin with  various clusters/sub clusters of Sales volume data available from SAP APO DP module in SAP BPC. Sales price will be planned by the Planners in the Sales Planning on the sales volume data. This will be an input to P&L Planning. ( SAP APO DP –>BW –> BPC)

3. CAPEX planning will be done on WBS (Work Break down Structure) elements level in Capex planning template. Master Data will be loaded from (ECC).

4. CAPEX Planning will be done at the asset class level in the CAPEX Planning template which is available in SAP BPC. Planning Data will be submitted though the input form template and will be stored in BI Info Cubes followed by Actual CAPEX Data to be loaded is the BW Data Store to accommodate Actual Vs Plan.

5. OPEX Planning will be done at the cost Center level. Cost Center Planning will begin once the cost center data is available in SAP BPC. The cost center manager/planner will plan for individual cost centers in Cost Center Planning template. This will be an input to P&L Planning (CCA–>BW–>BPC)

6. MANPOWER  (Headcount) planning will begin once the HR related data is available in SAP BPC. The Headcount Data Planning and Payroll Rate Planning will be available for each department to plan their respective headcount data at position/job and cost center level. This planned data will be an input to P&L Planning.

7. Financial Statement planning : P&L planning will be performed in P&L Planning template.

8. Balance sheet planning will be performed in Balance sheet planning template. Both Cashflow and P&L Planning will provide input to Balance sheet Planning


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