Park Youngwon, Project Associate Professor, Manufacturing Management Research Center, Faculty of Economics University of Tokyo

Malcolm Woodfield, Industry Head, Higher Education and Research

Hashimoto Izumi, AE

Igarashi Masahiro, IVE & Solution

Abe Rio, UA manager

Malcolm discussed about the situation around universities all over the world and how they utilize SAP systems.

University of Tokyo is the TOP university in Japan, but as same as other universities they are facing the difficulty how they gather the talents globally and how they should develop them. 

Especially Prof.Park was interested in how TOP universities do and utilize systems.

Malcolm said that University of Kentucky is the one of best references, even they are not TOP university.

He also recommend Prof.Park to join ICT Strategy Committee which will be hold on April because CIO of University of Kentucky will come and make a presentation.

Some slides from an attached file were used in this meeting.

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