Asset Cutover process in sFin S4 Hana: Hope you people are doing great,I have jotted down the process of asset cut over assuming that prerequisites for asset upload are at place(All configuration for Asset in Sfin as there are many dicussion/document for the same).

Asset Cut over process has changed since inception of sFin S4 Hana.

Earlier we use to upload asset master data and take over value through AS91 and for posting any JV entry we use to use OASV.

Now in sFin S4 Hana the upload process has changed,OASV  T code has been removed from the system. In AS91 transaction type field has been removed.

A new T code has been introduced for uploading values for asset i.e ABLDT.

One can use AS91 to create asset master and then can use ABLDT for uploading the values of that asset only if there are few number of asset (which is not possible practically) and one cannot even make LSMW or BDC for the T code ABLDT so practically using AS91 and ABLDT is not possible in sFin.

For creation and uploading takeover values use BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVERTAKE_CREATE, this BAPI will create the asset master as well as upload the values simultaneously(Of course you need to take help of ABAPER for mapping the fields of BAPI and making a z Tcode for uploading the asset).

Please find the attached file of BAPI.(BAPI Aset previous year and BAPI asset current year),I have attached .txt format as .xls format is not supported,please copy and paste n excel for having better understanding of the BAPI file.

Now when you upload Asset (if company is going live in mid-year) then the accounting entries will be as follows. If company is going live in year-end then there is no problem as there will not be any ordinary depreciation.


Here all the entries are fine except that the ordinary depreciation is not hitting the expense account (5 series ordinary deprecation account).

For doing this you need to create a JV using F-02

The entry should go according to cost center level and entry will be.

Ordinary Dep A/C  dr (5 series GL)

To Upload A/c (9 series GL)

Hope this will be helpful for all.

Any Suggestions or Critics will be highly appreciated as this will help me to Improve in Future.



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