ASUG Enterprise Architecture Days 2010

ASUG Enterprise Architecture Days 2010 Focus on SAP’s Roadmaps: Join fellow enterprise architects and senior technology leaders for the ASUG Enterprise Architecture Days face-to-face events. Coming to seven cities near you throughout the US and Canada in fall 2010, these complimentary educational events are brought to SAP customers by the ASUG Enterprise Architecture SIG Communities in collaboration with local ASUG Chapters and SAP.

ASUG Enterprise Architecture SIG Communities offer focused and targeted opportunities for enterprise architects to better leverage what is available today from SAP and the SAP ecosystem, plan roadmaps for tomorrow, influence future SAP developments, and advance professionally as enterprise architects.

Attendance at these day-long events will help you gain insight into the SAP roadmap approach and strategy including background information / intention of roadmaps, transparent innovation for customers, list of available roadmaps, set-up / structure of roadmaps, solutions available today, planned innovations in the upcoming release cycle, and considerations for future direction of SAP solutions.

ASUG Enterprise Architecture Days will feature speakers from SAP, SAP customers, and members of the ASUG Enterprise Architecture Community volunteer leadership team.

“The ASUG Enterprise Architecture Days provide a great platform to share experiences, gather insights, and provide feedback around the future direction of our products and solutions.”

Marge Breya, SAP Executive Vice President and General Manager, Solutions

Event Highlights:

  • ASUG Enterprise Architecture SIG Communities Updates
  • Business Technology Portfolio Management
  • Developing Your Business Technology Roadmap – Customer Experience
  • Overview of the SAP Roadmap Framework and Roadmap Structure
  • SAP Roadmaps (Today, Planned Innovations, and Future Directions)
    • Technology
    • Lines of Business
    • Industries
  • Focus on Business Outcomes – SAP High Impact Strategies
  • From SAP Roadmaps to Your Company – Tailored Business Technology Roadmap
  • Recommended Resources for SAP Technology, Roadmap, and SAP Ecosystem Information
  • Next Steps in Regards to Future SAP Roadmap Sessions – Virtual and Face-to-Face

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