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Expect GA in 3 weeks

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Some nice features are coming

You can schedule events based on dates

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SAP Analytics Cloud integration started in 2.5; making more use of the HANA engine such as exception aggregation

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You can create a new connection today using Analysis Office 2.5

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New exception aggregation

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Some limitations are shown above

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BI platform enhancements include launch workbooks stored in BI platform via URL and passing parameters

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Available as of SP5 for BI4.2

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It is possible to reschedule scheduling jobs

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Schedule based on events – you can trigger scheduling jobs in Analysis Office

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Autocomplete enhancement of table design

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You can use VLOOKUP

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You can use full member selector instead of the simple to use search and range options

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Filter by range is possible – has some performance impacts

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Planned for SP1 and BW support package

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Rendering dates Excel natively – and also the chart rendering is correct

Question & Answer

Q: Will the slides be available?

A: Slides are already posted at https://discuss.asug.com/docs/DOC-48711 – please logon to asug.com first

Q:How do we connect to BO Universes?

A: you cannot connect to universes; use Live Office for this

Q: when releasing new version of Analysis, do we plan to apply cloud model and premise both ? seems that analysis office 2.6 is the case?

A: not sure I follow- it works with with on-premise and cloud models

Q: When is convergance of Analysis & Live Office planned for?

Q: Can we create variables with “IF” statements in it? Can we move key figures to be amongst the dimensions & not stuck at the end of the table?

A: It should work; similar to VLOOKUP

Q: AFO publication bursting supported yet?

A: yes, part of this presentation – BI4.2 SP5

Q: Can we “rename” dimensions for reporting without going back to the bex query in AO?

A: Yes, already there for quite a while

Q: Is there a way to set AO so it does not fetch all Key Figures/Measures by default? This was easy in BEx but does not exist in AO. It displays all by default

A: BEx – handled in query; if HANA – this defaults; no way around – could use query views

Q: Is there any plan to support parallel data source execution ?

A: can do that already in HANA out of the box; BW does not support it

Q: Not just publication….but bursting like Webi. I must have missed it….

A: bursting = publications; referring to something else?

Q: With BW 7.5 and BEx sunset in 2021, will AO convert workbook b enhanced?

New NetWeaver Information at SAP.com

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