Augmented Reality and the Future Of eCommerce Websites

A few years ago everyone drove to the shops when they wanted to buy something. Suddenly we’re now ordering products on the internet and receiving them a few days later. eCommerce has changed everything and it’s only going to gain traction in the future.

One of the reasons why we’re going to see radical eCommerce changes in the near future is augmented reality. When you can change a shopping experience in such an impactful way, it’s going to become very popular and we need to take a closer look at why.

Knowing What You’ll Look Like

It’s hard to argue with the fact physical stores have an advantage over online retailers in some categories. For example, when you walk into a store you’ll be able to put on a dress and look in the mirror.

Augmented reality will allow complete beginners with WordPress eCommerce sites to do something similar. Even if they’re only dropshipping clothes, potential customers can use AR to see what they’ll look like in them.

Picking Between A Few Options

Do you know anyone who hasn’t used their smartphone to take a selfie? Millennials get a lot of stick for being ‘narcissistic’ today, but a simple selfie can help you shop online when there are lots of options.

Imagine visiting a store selling all kinds of tempting makeup. Augmented reality will allow you to display your face on the screen using software like an AR SAP app. You can then proceed to test out different products until you find the ideal one.

Making Sure Things Definitely Match

Anyone can walk around and take photos of themselves, but rooms inside your home will need to be captured in advance. Now picture yourself visiting a website selling a huge collection of home furnishings.

Not only will you be able to see if the furniture looks good, but you’ll know if it blends in. Technology will even allow you to make extra changes like the color of your wallpaper so you can explore all options.

Improve Conversion Rates Using Games

If someone doesn’t believe augmented reality and fun doesn’t go together point them in the direction of Pokémon Go. SAP is exploring AR solutions for asset health, so for example, if you scanned a widget room you could locate the broken widgets.

A similar thing will work in online retail, except it will be more fun and a lot less technical. Retailers could plant Easter eggs (special offers) on their website and people could only see them using augmented reality technology.

Working with Personal Shoppers

At one point in time personal shoppers were only reserved for the rich and famous. Now it would be wise for eCommerce sites to bring them mainstream. We’ve already said different products can be tested on customers.

What would happen if experts did all the work for you after you’ve sent them a few photos for a fee? It would set online retailers apart and they’d automatically be considered more luxurious than competitors.

Think Macro Instead of Micro

eCommerce store owners could spend the next decade testing micro tactics that will bring them small rewards. If they use augmented reality and go macro there is no telling what will happen. It looks like it’s going to be the next evolution in online shopping.

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