This document consists of authorization problem in MM01/02/03 (Material master) for material types.

I add material authorization group (BEGRU field) to T134 table  so you can implement authorization for different material types in material masters.

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For example , i implement authorization for HAWA material type creation.

  –>  Go to SE54 tcode and create authorization group

  –>  Assign authorization group —> determine work area  —> Table name T134 , Authorization group HAWA

–> New entries .

–> Go to HAWA material type configurations and define authorization group…

–>  You can see T134 details with SE16 , BEGRU-HAWA

**Solution — SU01 – Roles/ Authorizations / Add – M_MATE_MAR – Authorization Group HAWA and generate.

**Result: You can manage your authorizations in MM01/02/03 with material types.

     I hope that it can be beneficial for someone.


     M.Ozgur Unal

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