One of my favorite features in ADT has been introduced with the new version (2.13): the automatic syntax check for source code objects. It tells you whether you have introduced new  syntax errors while you are editing the source code without starting the syntax check manually. This improves the feedback cycle about syntax errors during development.

If the automatic syntax check is enabled, a syntax check executed for the source code object you are working on

  • when you open an editor,
  • when you stop typing and
  • when you save it.

If you save also all other source code objects in your other open editors will be checked.

You can enable/disable the functionality in the preferences: “Windows > Preferences > ABAP Development > Editors > Source Code Editors > Automatic syntax check on all open ABAP source editors”. It is enabled by default.

The functionality works for all backend systems that supports ADT (i.e., SAP Netweaver 7.31 SP4 and higher). ????

We hope you like it!

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