Auxiliary Packaging Materials are essentially Packaging Materials that are used for Packaging the Materials for their Safety, Separating,  Ease in Handling etc.

The Only difference with respect to Packaging Material in a Handling Unit is that the Auxiliary Packaging Material cannot be the Load Carrier in a Handling Unit.

Lets take an Example Below where we would illustrate how Handling unit is created automatically with a Load Carrier & Auxiliary Packaging Materials.

I have a Business Case in which 16 Bottles are packed in a Small box, 4 Small Boxes are to be packed in a Carton and 4 such Cartons are to be packed in One Pallet.


The Picture below depicts our Business Requirement. However, we want to create Handling Unit only at the Pallet Level. Also the individual Pallet has a Top Lid and Mid Layer for extra protection.




If you wanted to create Handling Units at each stage of Packaging, you can refer to my below Link..


Automatic Nested Handling Unit creation with Multilevel Packaging Instruction


Lets begin now..

I am creating a Sales Order for 256 No. of Boxes. Our Aim is to create Handling Unit at Pallet Level and the different Packaging Materials used inside the Pallet like Box, Carton, Pallet Mid Layer and Pallet Top Layer are the Auxiliary Packaging Material.


What i have done is for each of the Auxiliary Packaging Material, I have assigned a Packaging Material Type “0006”. Lets look into this Material type to see what makes it Auxiliary Packaging Material Type.



Lets see for One of the Material PALLET LID, where the Material Type 0006 is attached in Material Master.


Now Lets go on to create the Delivery for the Sales Order.



Now we go on to Click on the Packaging Icon, to see if the Handling Unit has been generated automatically with the required Auxiliary Packaging Materials


As Seen below, we see that the Handling Unit has been created only at the Pallet Level. The Auxiliary Packaging Materials with their respective Quantities have been indicated in the below Screenshot


Save the Delivery…


Now lets see how we created the Handling Unit automatically with required Auxiliary Packaging Materials. The answer here lies in the Packaging Instruction creation.

What i have done is created a Packaging Instruction for Material BOTTLE as shown below with PALLET as Load Carrier.

Since a Packaging Instruction can have only one Load Carrier, all other Packaging Materials added in this Packaging Instructions will be termed as Auxiliary Packaging Materials


In Order to determine the newly created Packaging Instruction automatically at the time of Delivery creation, we will create a Packaging Instruction Determination Record for Determination Type “SHIP” for a combination of Material and Ship to Party as shown in below screenshots..



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