1621563 – B1if_ SQL named instances in the “Integration Component”


You plan to install (or installed already) the “Integration Component” – and the SAP Business One databases are located on a SQL named instance.


When activating dashboards – or logging on with dashboards and cockpit activated – you face errors:


  • Error raised when logging on to SAP Business One client application:
    • “SAP Business One Integration Service Authentication failed. Log off from the application; then log on and try again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator.”
  • Information in “Integration Framework”: “Monitoring” -> “Authent. Monitor”:
    • “Authentication Info” -> “ActionResult” = “failure” / “ActionMessage” = “Exception : Wrong username or password”

Dashboard activation:

  • Error raised when activating dashboards in SAP Business One by pressing “Update” after checking “Enable Dashboard Widget” in “General Settings” -> “Cockpit”:

“Ensure that SAP Business One Integration Service and SAP Business One Event Sender Service have been started; then wait 1 minute and try again”



The usage of named instances was not supported seamlessly throughout the installation:

The B1iServer installer even blocked the usage of the instance name – and EventSender could only get configured properly, if the SAP Business One database server was identical to the server on which the B1if database was installed.

EventSender setup then requires usage of the instance name AND the port (can be set to “0000”, if the SQL Browser service is running on the SQL machine).

Furthermore the authentication still could fail, if the instance name was not used consistently:

  1. E.g. if the named instance is running on port 1433 it IS possible to use the machine name only to connect to B1 via DI API (e.g. by pressing “Test connection” in “Integration Framework” -> “SLD”). Authentication for dashboards however will fail with error “Wrong username or password” even though the user did successfully logon in the B1 client application!

This issue does not occur, if the configuration without the instance name is also registered in the License Server. In this case authentication will work as well.


Temporary workaround for SAP Business One 8.81 PL07 and lower:

Use the instance name consistently across the “Integration Components” components:

– Run EventSender setup from the Windows Start Menu – and enter the instance name using backslash

– Make sure to use the instance name for any SAP Business One entries in B1i Framework SLD (B1DI section and JDBC section)

– Make sure to use the instance name also for the “associatedSrvIP” for the HTTP and WS systems in B1i Framework SLD

Starting with SAP Business One 8.81 PL08 using the name of an instance is supported in all installation steps.

This ensures that the instance’s name is applied wherever required – including:

– SAP Business One EventSender

– B1i Framework SLD entries:

– “associatedSrvIP” for the HTTP and WS systems in B1i Framework SLD

– SAP Business One database entries

Manual actions should no longer be necessary.

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