Recently, SAP released SP3 of the B2B add-on. Have a look at this blog for the complete overview. One of the brand new features is the Number Range Object for Functional Acknowledgements. This small blog indicates the context, configuration and result.


The EDI Separator adapter can use Number Range Objects for generating interchange number for functional acknowledgments (EDI CONTRL messages). By default, a functional acknowledgement uses the same interchange number from the incoming EDI interchange.

With this new feature, a NRO object can be defined for handling the unique interchange ID.


First, create a Number Range Object (in this example: /B2B/TestACK) within the B2B Integration Cockpit.

Second, within the receiver EDI separator adapter, refer to the number range object. Do not forget to only use TestACK

Also, do not forget to use the module localejbs/TransmissionNumberModule in the receiver adapter producing the CTRL message.


3 CONTRL messages were created in my example:

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