BCUI – Calculate age based on date of birth: Business rules are a way to add application logic to determine the outcome of a change made to particular data inthe system. Rules follow the logic ‘If this data is changed in a certain way, then the system reacts in this way.’

If a customer wants to calculate Age based on date of birth then they need to request Successfactors Consultant to get this enabled. This is because it is an Opt-In feature and the customer will require this before getting started.

The Business Configuration UI (BCUI)is a powerful Admin tool that allows consultants to maintain rules . The BCUI is helpful if you are a customer that would like to be able to make your own configuration choices and changes. You will find the BCUI useful if you are a customer that makes frequent use cases such as retirement date in the company,age of an employee, and also adding custom fields. This article explains how to enable the Business Configuration UI (BCUI) and things a customer needs to be aware of and carefully consider before they start using it

To do this in Successfactors, please follow below steps

 Step: 1

Company Settings > Manage Business Configurations > Click on Personinfo

1 39 2658335

Scroll down

Note: Custom-Long10 Field has to maintain.


3 12 9458412

People Search > Employee Name > Public Profile > Personal Information > Person Info

Field Name: eal_Age is not editable mode it is View Mode in Details

Company Settings > Configure Business Rules > Create New Rule

5 10 7008299

People Search > Employee Name > Public Profile > Personal Information > Person Info

7 12 6193157

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Rajesh Kumar Burra