Best Features of Board Portals That You Can’t Afford to Miss!


The board portal is, in numerous instances, essential software for managing an organization. It provides high-quality communication between members of the board of directors, as well as digital communication. The main features of the board meeting management software include the ability to quickly exchange messages, the use of digital voting, a meeting recording platform, document repositories, etc. All this makes it possible to greatly simplify not only the activities of the board of directors but also the performance of everyday tasks.

Do different Board Portals differ from each other in terms of functionality?

However, it is worth knowing that not all boardroom portals offer the same conditions. Each boardroom management software platform is unique in its own way, and also has a different pricing policy. Therefore, when choosing the right candidate, you need time on all available tools that could improve your performance. At the same time, you also need to take into account the fact that you have a certain budget, beyond which you will not be able to go. Based on this, it is very important to be able to find the best virtual boardroom software that can help you achieve all the necessary goals.

Benefits of Board Portals

In order to understand whether you require Board Portals, you need to understand what advantages they have and what features can be useful in the meetings process. Understanding the benefits, you can evaluate how cost-effective the decision would be to purchase one. Furthermore, in this way, you can enlist the support of the board of directors.

Centralized access

By deciding the right virtual data room providers, all board members can have free access to all the data they require. Once a member is signed in to the portal, they become a member and can view meeting content and messages from other members of the board portal. In addition, board management software usually provides mobile access. This guarantees the ability to view all the necessary materials for making urgent decisions at any moment.

Quick meeting preparation feature

Board meetings are needed to bring new ideas to the project. It is for this reason that they should be as productive as possible so that nothing interferes with the discussion. Therefore, everyone should be prepared, which is done thanks to the Board Portal.

Administrators can share the necessary documents at any time in a matter of seconds. In turn, all members of the council can review these documents and check the completion of their assignments. Thus, thanks to this feature, you will spend less time talking before the discussion.


Virtual boardroom administrators can manage their organization. With the help of special tools, you will be able to better control meetings. This will increase the effectiveness of the meetings themselves, as well as allow full control over the discussion process. With the help of board management, you can specify all the issues on the agenda, and then hold a vote. This way, you will increase the involvement of each participant and make them and your work more effective.

Choosing the Right Board Portal

To select the right board, you need to understand what features you and your team need and what will help improve management efficiency. Next, we will consider several mandatory functions for boards.

Meeting Center

Make sure the board portal software you use has all the required meeting management tools. This will provide you with a paperless meeting solution and ensure maximum efficiency in the meeting room. Of the features that should be available to you, the following can be noted:

  • You should be able to automate appointment scheduling. You can choose a range of meeting times and make a vote, as a result of which the selected time will be the most convenient for the majority of participants surveyed.
  • Panel of upcoming meetings. Council members should have an appropriate dashboard that shows all upcoming meetings so that no one misses the event. In the same panel, they should see goals, scheduled polls, agenda, and more.
  • Ability to attach documents and files to a meeting. You may want to have board members review the document for any scheduled survey or discussion. Make sure you can do it.

Task Manager

Productive meetings should end with the emergence of new ideas and the completion of tasks. With a very important feature, you can make sure that everyone knows what tasks they are talking about. Make sure that:

  • You have the ability to link tasks to a specific meeting
  • Each participant has a personal dashboard with clearly defined tasks and deadlines.
  • You have the ability to control the execution of tasks by council members. In this way, you can increase the productivity of each electronic data room member.

Virtual voting

The presence of virtual voting is another significant and indispensable feature in any portal. This allows votes to be counted quickly and decisions to be made efficiently.

Regardless of the subject of the vote, everyone can express their opinion. Virtual voting tools will help you do this and also quickly count the number of votes. In addition, virtual voting tools will also help you contribute to anonymous voting. Therefore, in sensitive issues, everyone will feel more confident, and the voting results will be as honest as possible.

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