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It’s very hard to grow on Instagram nowadays due to the fierce competition. At the same time, the well-known brands will have a dedicated team handling their Instagram to grow.

On the other hand, the new startup businesses might not have enough funds to afford a dedicated team for their Instagram growth, and in such scenarios, the best Instagram growth services like GRAMiety come to the rescue.

These growth services are affordable and guarantee to gain real followers by real people and offer a host of different services.

ServiceNow Power BI integration helps track personalized metrics, KPI, overall team performance in real-time by scheduling refreshes, and also visualizing team contribution to the overall result.

But you have to research thoroughly about such Instagram growth services before buying their plans. That is why, we have made your work easy; we have not just discussed one Instagram growth service below, but created a list of the best ones for you. Have a look.

Best Instagram Growth Services in 2022


GRAMiety is one of the best Instagram growth services that offers real followers by real people and not bots! Their team of experts follows all the legal norms of Instagram while growing your Instagram profile.

GRAMiety is secured and hassle-free. At the same time, the best thing is that it sets up within minutes and also offers a money-back guarantee, which no other growth service does!

To get started with GRAMiety, you will first need to sign up by selecting a plan and then briefing about yourself. After you are signed in, just tell them about your account type, your target audience, and related accounts.

Now, the team of GRAMiety will start engaging with your prospective audience based on your targeted accounts. And voila! You will start noticing the growth every month on autopilot.

GRAMiety doesn’t just stop at providing you with the best Instagram growth service; it provides a variety of services that includes Instagram engagement, Instagram loop giveaways, Instagram DM method, organic Instagram growth, and different types of marketing services as well.

So, you are waiting for the prices, right?

GRAMiety has three plans that you can select from.

Standard plan

The standard plan is $79/month and offers standard daily growth, targeted followers, organic followers, full customer support and no contracts.

Premium plan 

This plan is $129/month and includes all features that the standard plan offers. While the only difference is with a premium plan, you get faster daily growth.

Turbo plan

Turbo plan is $199/month and includes everything that standard and premium plan offers, but at the same time, it also offers maximum and guaranteed growth of about 1000+ followers per month.


After GRAMiety, Hypeplanner is another great growth service that offers you anywhere between 500-150,000 real, engaged followers every month.

Similar to GRAMiety, you will first need to sign in and tell about your preferred audience to get started. Then brief them about your account, niche, and goals so that they can come up with the best tactics.

Lastly, their team will start engaging with your target audience, and you will instantly see the growth of new followers.

Hypeplanner’s plans and features are identical to GRAMiety.

Standard plan

This starts with $79/month and features quality daily growth, targeted growth, organic growth, real followers, steady daily growth, 24/7 customer support, and no contract.

Premium plan

Premium starts with $129/month and offers faster daily growth in followers along with all the things that the standard plan includes.

Hypeplanner Boost

This plan starts with $199/month and guarantees to get 1000+ followers/month. Hypeplanner boost also features all the things that standard and premium plan offers.

Seek Socially

This Instagram growth service is different from others because they claim to add a personal touch to your profile. Like every other growth service, Seek Socially offers real and organic engagement to increase your overall exposure on social media.

However, Seek Socially won’t start offering its services instantly as you get on board. Instead, their team will get in touch with you personally and provide you with the things that you actually need on your Instagram.

Seek Socially also provides you with a dedicated account manager that will handle your growth on Instagram so that you can focus on creating interesting and unique content.

Seek Socially offers two plans: Starter at $44/month and Premium at $99/month.


Just like its unique name, Ampya’s services are also unique. As soon as you sign in, you need to provide some information about your Instagram profile and see it growing.

When it comes to the prices, Ampya’s offers two packages:


This starts with $49/month, in which they provide average growth, a dedicated manager who guarantees money-back if you don’t get any growth.


The premium plan unlocks all the features and offers everything that the standard plan offers, a special VIP email support, an advanced targeting option, and even a blacklist if you want to block your competitors, just in case!

Trust social

Haven’t you heard about this one yet? Well, that’s because they are pretty new to this industry. They call themselves personal organic Instagram growth assistance.

Trust Social offers many plans to choose from depending on your needs. As soon as you show up, you will get the instant publicity that you need. They promise to provide real engaged subscribers without even accessing your account.

Moreover, you will be assigned a special account manager that will take care of your Instagram. Trust Social offers growth in many ways, such as Instagram loop giveaways, celebrity partnership giveaways, and press coverage.

Trust Social promises to provide its customers with a huge fan following, massive brand deals, crazy reach, and many more things.


How can we forget about Inflact when it comes to the top growth service. Inflact is voted as the #1 Instagram bot and social media marketing tool.

What makes Inflact stand apart from others in the list is that it uses a new technology called smart automation to build your target audience, engage with your clients, and plan its next move accordingly.

Inflact comes with a ton of features and services at the same time. In short, they have pretty much everything that you will ever need to shine on Instagram. They have rewards, giveaways, automatic posting features, analytics reports, to name a few.

Furthermore, they even offer tools like a hashtag generator to boost your posts, a profile analyzer to get more information about your competitors, etc.

You can subscribe to Inflact, starting with $37 for 2 weeks or $57/month or $144/3 months.


Kenji is not just a growth service; it’s more like an Instagram bot that runs on Artificial Intelligence to get more followers, likes, and engagement.

Kenji uses the follow-unfollow method and has an Instagram follow bot that will do the work for you. As AI powers the Kenji, it will auto-like the Instagram comments, post live reactions, and will view Instagram stories for you at the right time.

Since Kenji is a bot, it uses machine learning to predict your moves, and it will work 24/7 even if you are offline. Just sign up and set your target and see the magic happen.

Kenji has two plans, first is simple, which starts with $49/month, and the pro version starts with $79/month, which unlocks all the features.


Upleap is a growth service that lets you buy Instagram followers safely and securely. Alike other growth services, Upleap also offers you a special account manager to manage your Instagram account.

You can try Upleap for 3 days as they offer a three-day trial period. After that, you can $3 for 100 followers, $5 for 500, and $9 for 1000.

The best thing about Upleap is that they will never ask for your password. They are fast and reliable, and if you have any problem, you can contact them anytime.

Flock Social

Flock Social targets and engages with real people and guarantees to provide you with real results. When you join hands with Flock Social, you will only get targeted followers, real engagement, and conversions.

Flock Social is pretty experienced in this field, and surely, they can help you to grow better. Flock Social offers you two packages:

l Instagram Rising Star for $49/month, which offers you around 600 followers each month and other tools like schedule interactions, find target audience by location, hashtag targeting, etc.
l Instagram as a Business plan for $99/month, in which you get around 1000 new followers and a personal account manager to track your activity and all the things that the rising star plan offers.


Followers are not just a growth service for Instagram; it covers each and every social media platform out there, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

You can buy Instagram followers from them starting at $14/month for 1000 followers. Apart from that, they have a good repo in the market, which is why Followers is on this list.

Moreover, they even offer the best customer support, and that is what makes them special among the users.

Final thoughts

These are some of the Instagram growth services you should definitely try in 2022. Although, before doing so, you need to keep in mind that before you purchase any of these tools given in the article, it is best to check their reviews and research thoroughly to ensure you are getting legit services.

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