Better Business Discoveries faster with new SAP Analytics

Better Business Discoveries faster with new SAP Analytics Self Assessment Tool: According to an IDC and Computer World survey, 74% of companies have difficulty defining business requirements. We’ve just made your just your job easier!

Our SAP Analytics Self Assessment tool includes the top 10 key challenges each line of business or functional area typically faces based on our customer experience.

The tool allows you to rank how significant those challenges are for you as well as their business value, if you could address them. It also allows you to capture some key “soundbites” in notes for each pain.

This a very effective way for business users and IT to work together to document, align and prioritize their key analytic pains and gaps.

So take a test drive, try it yourself:

You’ll receive a report with your pain and value rankings, along with best practices and recommended capabilities to address those pains!

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