When i was working with BEx Query designer i got errors while opening the BEx queries.

Initially As for client requirement i added all char in free char panel user will drill down based on their requirement after testing the queries they suggested unwanted objects. Then i removed unwanted objects form targets (Info Cube and DSO)

While opening the queries through BEx Analyzer respective info cube we are getting some errors

Characteristics not available in Info provider


Then run the same query in RSRT going to ABAP debug mode.

After saving the query in BEx Query designer level getting errors.

Means initially removed these objects form Target level (Info cube and DSO)

Now see unwanted objects is have capital letters means these are all objects unwanted objects

After removing all objects from BEx query designer level its working fine.

After running the same query in RSRT and BEx Analyzer it is working and now query executed.

BEx Query Execution Error



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