Below is the Question & Answer from last week’s ASUG BI Platform SIG webcast regarding migration/upgrade to BI4.2

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Could you share the link for the slides again?
Link for the book drawing?
Will any of these tools allow for us to move all of our WEBI reports from UNV to UNX universe when we decide to convert all of our universes to IDT Good question; internal discussion; debating on having this; in UMT, if do migration, could introduce option – make sure unx of existing unv then re-link WebI docs – looking at best way to do that
we are doing migration of reports from BO 3 . to BI 4.1, is it advisable to upgradeBI 4.1 to 4.2 ? willit impact any miration ativtites ? can we move migrated objects from 4.2 Dev to 4.1 Q system ? 4.2 is an update – in place; 4.2 to 4.1 is not possible
Do we have to use promotion manager to migrate crystal reports 2013 from non-prod to production ? Yes
It lookslike Promotion Manager is still designed to only work with one origin and one destinaion. How do you use overrides if you use the same instace of Promotion Manager to migrate from Dev to Test, from Test to Qual and from Qual to Prod? Have a wiki to explain this; a simple case to have both dev QA – identify as origin systems (refer to wiki)
Is Flash gone from BI4.2? Unfortunately no, gone from Promotion Manager, but monitoring is still Flash-based. BI Workspace use some
does UMT show migration results ? Current t does not show summary objects migrated Haven’t changed that process; good input; log at Idea place –
Do I need to use name license to use these tools? Promotion Manager – delegated admins, or power users use it – it is not restricted by license type – more in terms of rights on the object
Will UMT support same-version promotion? no
Does 4.2 remove flash requirement from promotion manager? from promotion manager yes – replaced by HTML5 where possible
What kind of report verfication we need to do afer migration ? depend on the content and report type – WebI has micro cubes, so if calc change, validation is required
Is upgrading from BOBJ 4.1 to 4.2 a straight forawrd system upgrade unlike BOBJ3.1 to bobj 4.1. Pls advise. It is an in-place update, not an upgrade
is there any SAP note which lists common issues of reports after migration ? Web Intelligence does update article on calculation engine changes on SCN
Will we ever be able to validate data of reports or metadata after migrating (to see any possible issues where calc engine modifies data) ? SAP is looking into this – a possible report validation tool. Not conclude discussions
What is the link to the overrides Wiki mentioned?
Does UMT support migrating dashboad, Qaaws ? Not sure; thinks so
Any plans to replace the CMS as the backbone of the BI platform or move it to HANA? It seems to be getting old and a roadblock in larger deployments due to performance CMS on HANA is an option considering; did some benchmarking on HANA vs relational DBs and see HANA performing better
When is 4.2 officially available (not Ramp-up) for users? Planned for end of Q1 next year
Great Q&A – thank you Maheshwar and ASUG! Thank you all for attending!
We can’t use admin account supplied by sap in bi, we created admin like ad account and for that user, when we run these client tools what license do we need for the newly created account? Can give admin CSB license

Source: SAP

Best practices for migration was provided by SAP as shown above.

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