Blog It Forward – Pat Flanders: Thanks to my colleague and friend, Shweta Kesarwani, for including me as part of the “Blog It Forward”campaign. I’ve long believed in the power of community, but this effort is a unique way to make it personal and as a result, I’ve taken a step back to look at what community is all about.

Every day I have the opportunity to meet and interact with SCN members – some I know quite well, but most are only names (and profile pictures). Beyond understanding what topics interest them, I realize I know very little about what drives them, who they are, and the stories that formed them. That’s why I love this “Blog It Forward” concept – it gives me an opportunity to do what I’d do if we met at a cocktail party – “I’m Pat, this is what interests me and here’s what my world is about”. But it also let’s me listen to you…to get to know you…and to realize that among the millions of members of SCN, we each bring our story to the table.

Shweta asked a few specific questions, which I’ll try to answer here:

What would I have done if not doing what they are doing now – professionally?

I would be a teacher. In fact, in my first career I WAS a teacher. I can think of no better profession than to teach, to educate, to mold, to model, to listen, to impart. Don’t you all have examples of teachers who got you to be better? I did, and that drove me to get in front of a classroom. I don’t teach formally any more, but I do try to use those classroom skills when I do a training or conduct meetings.

Which is their favorite place in the whole world and why?

The beach. I’m not choosy – I just need fine-grained sand, blue water, and the sun.

What keeps them motivated?

My family and the hope I have for my kids.

Now, I’m going to forward this on to some of my homies in SCN so they can introduce themselves:

Christine Merten who is a thinker and doer extraordinaire;

Matt Loewe, who can hit the curveball AND deliver at the office;

Chrissy Bryant, who can accomplish anything, and do it with grace and style.

Inquiring minds want to know…

1. If you had to go without one thing that you do, eat, drink, or say every day, what would it be?

2. Who was your favorite teacher, and why?

3. Who is your hero (besides me)?

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