Call a specific component and object from outside CRM using URL: This Example will specify how to access a Business partner details in CRM web UI from sapgui by passing the URL to FM ‘CALL_BROWSER’.

Specify four url parameters which have to be added to crm_ui_frame.

  • URL Parameter for Object Type:  crm-object-type

           As defined in customizing, step 1 (see below)


  • URL Parameter for Object Action:  crm-object-action

          As defined in customizing step 1 (see below)

  • URL Parameter for Object Value  (optional): crm-object-value

Actual value of the field it will be searched on (e.g. Business Partner ID 112)

  •  URL Parameter for Object Key Name(optional.): crm-object-keyname  

           Name of the attribute the value is used for

If value and keyname are used, there must be a mapper class defined in customizing for that object type. Check customizing in step 2 for the “BOL object name” of the object type Then check view CRMV_UI_OBJ_MAPS (Customizing see step 3) or view CRMV_UI_OBJ_MAP (customer) for that BOL object name and take the class name.

This class must have an implementation of IF_CRM_UI_OBJ_MAPPER~GET_ENTITY_FROM_UI_OBJECT that is able to create a bol entity based on keyname and value

Here a sample URL that will display business partner 112 in CC6/300

You can pass this URL to FM ‘CALL_BROWSER’.

 Step 1 : ULR Parameter for Object Type and -Action

(Transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS)

Step 2 :  BOL object name of the object type



Step 3 :   BOL object name and take the class name


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