This has been a special year for me in SAP Community since 2007. I have completed 10 years as SAP community member. So exciting this is at the same time the 10 years of SAP Mentors program celebration.

The best celebration was attending SAP TechEd for the first time. I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona to participate in one of the biggest information technology event in the world.

It was very special to meet many SAP Mentors from every part of the world. This group is undoubtedly as fantastic as it’s diverse.

More special moments. I had the pleasure to meet my friends SAP Mentors from Latin America & the Caribbean. We are often in touch and it was great to be close to them in person. This team excels at obtaining great outcomes that drives the SAP community in this continent. Awsome!

The SAP Community has been the best platform for me during those 10 years. This is an environment where  everyone can search and share knowledge amongst all peoples of all nations without distinction. Here I was initiated my frist steps in a digital media by publishing professional content through blogs and forums comments. I was given an extensive network of contacts with great professionals and friends. Before all of this I could not even imagine doing postings on blogs, forums and virtual platforms. We know it isn’t easy talk about ourselves however I was able to publish my first personal blog through the memorable series blog it foward.

I have also participated in all community updates: SDN, SCN and SAP Community. Sometimes I have nostalgic moments in appreciating the older platforms look.

The reputation programs have always been very inviting to encourage the SAP community active participation. This pictures shows how was my badges collection.

I was recognized as Topic Leader. I was also chosen as a member of the month, whose I was noticed in the same day that I knew I was going to be a father for the second time.

The SAP community has given to everyone many opportunities in building a constructive relationship with the SAP ecosystem professionals. The best of this for me is the SAP Mentor program that is being always special. I have never expected to be named as SAP Mentor. I was very surprised when I suddenly received the selection by email.

As SAP Mentor I was willing to go beyond the digital world, I started extending my participation in my local SAP ecosystem. I have become more actively involved in events promoted SAP Community Members. I have been lucky in finding a strong and active community in Brazil. São Paulo city represents one of the largest SAP markets in the world. Lots of qualified experts lives here.

The concentration of great local professionals reflects in the good number of SAP mentors and very active SAP Community members that were always an inspiration for me, such as Eduardo Chagas, Henrique Pinto, Marlo Simons and Raquel Cunha.

I had total encouragement to be part of this. Amazing times I am having in helping to organize community events. I have participated in 18 SAP Inside Tracks since 2013 being 13 as Co-organizer. It has always been a privilege and learning to work together with so many good people bringing this atmosphere of sharing knowledge and great content to everyone.

If we look at the possibilities of community expansion we will notice that everything is only in the beginning, especially here in Latin America & the Caribbean. The creation of several successful events in cities that had never experienced this before ensures that the SAP Community is as welcomed as necessary.

The year 2017 worth celebrating. I had a big effort to attend my 1st SAP Teched and It was all worth it. Here are some highlights of SAP Mentors 10 years celebration and my 10 year SAP Community participation. Thanks for reading. See you around!

Reception at the Moritz Barcelona

Key Note with Björn Goerke with a massive presence of SAP Mentors

SAP TechEd Lectures

SAP Terched celebration party

SAP Community at SAP TechEd

SAP Inside Track events

More SAP techEd photoes:




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