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now as we have the new SCN in place we need to do a “restart” of our work (e.g. refer to discussion here (

Not that “good” but there is no other choice as to accept.

But just taking the chance this is my first blog in the new area.

If you look in past lot of discussions have been seen regarding “EHS career” etc. And especially which skills are required.

So coming back to the title “Challenges of a EHS consultant”. One topic which is discussed quite often are “skill” levels as:

Technical guy (or girl !)
Functional guy (or girl !)

What is really needed now and in the future?

1.) you should really try to look on S/4 HANA roadmap of SAP and try to understand what SAP will deliver

2.) you will clearly support your client on demand in your role as “Technical or functional etc. guy). Here we have a lot of subactions / suboptions to look at:

a.) Topics of “Upgrade/Updates”, or  installation of new EHS software ==> to be prepared here you need in most cases a good IT background

b.) Topics of daily changes (e.g. implement new EHS regulatory content; implement customer specific solutions etc.)

c.) Topics of e.g. “data migration” of many kind

d.) etc.

Therefore: on top to your “IT skills” you will always need some skills on “management” level (you must be able to manage your work, you must be able to work as part of a team etc.).

And you must be able to be part of a “virtual team” (that means the memebers of a project team are distributed all over the world).

To really be a “super perfect consultant” (it is not easy to get on this level of expertise (may be after 5 yeasr ??) you should have as well good knowledge of the legal backgrounds which are needed to understand why we have SAP EHS Management solutions in place

And last but not least. You need know how in the area of (at least basic know how)

SAP GTS (if needed)


But for the next months/years the biggest challenge we need to look at is the future migration of SAP EHS Management solution to the S/4HANA solution (several options need to be considered here).

Here we can expect that SAP will provide a overview of roadmap etc. to the chemical industry and therefore you should invest here time to follow the discussion  to be prepared as SAP ERP will have end of life time 2025 (standard model).

Types of project

This is a short list of EHS projects types you might get in touch with in your career. Any of them need diffferent skills on your side:

  • Start of EHS (any module) from “scratch” (fresh implementation)
  • SAP Updates/Upgrades of EHS (and the e,g, activate some Business Function)
  • System Landspace consolidation
  • Activate a new EHS function in existing SAP system (e.g. use of GLM; which was not used before; switch from GLM to GLMplus etc.)
  • Merger / Acquisitions projects (or similar stuff)
  • SERC updates (and similar stuff; e.g. consider changes in legislation etc,.)
  • Optimization of EHS functionality ==> enhancements in EHS (on top of what SAP is delivering)

Typs of “jobs” you can work on (or start your career)

You can worko on such projects (as luste above) in these roles:

  • Porjetc manager / workstream lead
  • Functional consultant
  • Technical consultant
  • Support activities

Good luck for your career.


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