Corporate branding is very important and is visible all over the place across companies… Companies take pride in their brand and so their
corporate portal is no different.

With HR Renewal, SAP has revived the look and feel of the portal and to take one step further, we need to define the our own branded-background in the lanes.

Here is one quick and dirty way to brand your HR Renewal portal:

Transaction SE80 and click on MIME Repository. Then in the Name space area, navigate to the following location:

SAP > BC > BSP > SAP > ARSRVC_SUITE_PB > themes > bgimages

Under this location, you will find the images that are already provided by SAP. We will override these images. We need 2 images here- the thumbnail (*_thumbnail.jpg) and the background image (*.uxga.jpg)

Now before you upload any background and thumbnail image, make sure that the images are ready.

To Preparing the Image:

Thumbnail image should be 160 x 128 pixels and the background image should be 2600 x 1926 pixels. This is the same size as what is delivered
as standard by SAP.

Uploading images:

The easiest way would be to overwrite an existing image.

Right click on the *_thumbnail.jpg file and select Upload/Download > Upload and Replace

Select your image and click on Open button.

You have now uploaded the thumbnail image.

Repeat the same step for *_uxga.jpg file.


Go back to your browser and verify that the file is available for you to select as background. If you do not see the image at first time, go ahead and delete the cache, and restart your browser. You should see the newly uploaded image and set that as you background.

As an option, you can select this background as your personalization on the Page.

Good Luck.

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