Recently we had a requirement to print MICR characters in Checks and had to do a little bit of research to achieve the same. Key points / learning are noted below

SAP Provides two good and comprehensive resources on the same

SAP Note     :     94233

Important points are noted below

1. First and foremost the printer should be equipped with the necessary hardware

2. As Specified in SAP help we would need to use the correct MICR Font type and Size. For printing special characters equivalent characters would need to be used. For Example Transit is replaced by D In the Smart form.

3. SAP Provides a Standard text SAPSCRIPT-MICRTEST to test if MICR characters are printed properly.

4. Printer needs to be defined in SAP with access method as G or F and the device type needs to correspond to the printer being used.

We can only test if the MICR characters are being printed properly by printing it in the actual printer itself and print preview will not show the characters.

Hopefully this will be useful for people who are starting afresh on MICR Printing.

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