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I am going to share some errors and their solution that I have faced while using HANA Studio.

1.) HANA Client Installation Errors:

A.) Client-System32 Path not found (or) odbo package not registered/installed

Sol: In your Windows, go to run and type “regedit” and hit enter.

After that Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control->Windows

After that add a string variable by the name “SystemDirectory”:

Right Click in the Blank space on the frame in the right workspace


Give Name as “SystemDirectory”

After this Set its value as your system32 path.

Right click on new variable created in the last step.

Modify->Give value as your System32 path. Generally  “C:/Windows/System32″

After this install HANA Client again

B.) Client-MDX provider registraton failed

Sol: Install Manually from command prompt with command

‘C:WindowsSystem32>regsvr32 “C:Program FilessaphdbclientSAPNewDBMDXProvider.dll”‘

2.) Errors during Working with Views:

A.) logical view join validate error

Sol: The attribute view is not joined to the fact table so join them.

B.) More than one fact table found

Sol: Do not create analytical view with multiple fact tables as measures should come from 1 table only so it is not possible. Instead create 2 analytical views for each fact table and then create a calculation view based on these analytical views.

C.) No Visible Measures Found in the Analytic View

Sol: Make at least one column as a measure

D.) Insufficient privilege: Not authorized: (DATA PREVIEW)

Sol: Grant the package privilege to the user

E.) Insufficient privilege to create view DDL statement while activating a attribute view

Sol: Grant select on schema to _SYS_REPO with grant option

F.) Insufficient privilege data preview of attribute view

Sol: Grant execute option for SQL privileges for that schema

G.) While using time dimension tables in the models, no data in time attribute view

Sol: Sometimes leads to no data in the analytical view in which it is used, for this Generate time data from quick launch.

H.) OLAP join view error

Sol: Check the cardinality of joins and change it suitably

I.) Column Name Errors when creating a view

Sol: In column names, do not give any space, No special char except ‘_’ is allowed

3.) Other Errors:

A.) When using SLT, you get error: Data provisioning not configured. Contact the System Admin.

Sol: Grant the following roles to the user: _DATA_PROV , _POWER_USER, _SELECT_USER, _USER_ADMIN.

B.) HANA DB – Yellow Status – “Some Services not started”

Sol: Create an entry in your local hosts file, generally in: C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts,

Map your IP address which you use in HANA studio to the host name of your HANA server.


In the SAP HANA studio, choose “Window -> Preferences -> Network Connections -> Active Provider and change the value from “Native” to “Direct”.

C.) Creating workspace : REGI.exe not found

Sol: If you are using HANA version below SPS06 then you need to install 64bit HANA studio and Client as Regi.exe is not available for 32bit version

Also change the regi path by navigating to:

General -> Workspace -> Regi and change path from regi to C:Progrm FilesSAPhdbclient

D.) Unique Constraint Error while loading flat file

Sol: Check the data for this Constraint and make sure there are no duplicate values

Thank You for reading my document.

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