Commonly faced error in Leave Request Application in ESS

I suppose Leave Request application is one of the most frequently accessed applications in ESS, keeping in mind the employees’ propensity of taking leave and running from work J

However this application also has the most numerous errors in store. So this blog is mainly to list down the most recurring issues in Leave request application that I have come across.


1.       “Application occurred during application processing”. Details: The requested deployable object ‘’ and ‘LeaveRequestApprover’ not found. 

  • This is one of the most common errors that come across when the system is being configured for ESS.This error mainly occurs because the ‘SAP Web AS Connection’ property of the SAP_WebDynpro_XSS does not correctly point to the portal server where the object ‘’is deployed. 


2.       Workflow related errors:

  • Employee not able to create leave request getting error ‘unable to send request’. Fot resolving this error, Agent assignment for workflow template 12300111 has to be set to ‘General Task’.
  • Leave request not reaching the manager for approval. This problem ofen occurs and managers do not receive workitems in their inbox. To resolve this error, Agent assignment to be set to ‘General task’ for  task 12300097.


3.       ‘Use the input help to select an approver’

  • This error occurs when the system is not able to determine the chief of the employee.
  • Run the report ‘RPTREQAPPRCHK’ to check whether the system is able to determine the chief of the user. This report will not bring up any value.  For this the chief position (relationship A 012) has to be setup in the system.
  • In case the Chief Position is ‘vacant’ implement the method ‘FIND_RESP_AND_DEFAULT_NEXT_PRC’ in the BADI PT_GEN_REQ.


4.       ‘Collision exists for another time entry’.        

  • This error mainly occurs when there is one leave request in ‘Send status’ lying in the inbox and another record is present in IT2001.                       
  • Note 1127249 – ESS Lea: Collision Date not displyed When Creating Leave . After implementation of this note, the dates of conflict will be displayed in the portal.
  • Note 1288919 – Collision with another time entry


5.       ‘Workitem XXXX cannot be executed in status COMPLETED’

  • This error occurs when the manager tries to approve a leave request that has been previously rejected by the manager and has been resend by the employee by actioning the workitem ‘Process Leave Request by Employee’ or when the employee tries to delete the rejected leave request.
  • This is a program error and can be resolved by applying the note 1066288.


Some Common Tips:

  • UWL destination should be setup : check the SAPNOTE 1133821
  • Check SAPNOTEs for error. Many a times, the resolution to the error is provided in the SAPNOTES.
  • Check configuration of task TS12300097 from Transaction code SWFVISU.
  • Check compatibility of the packages SAP ESS 600, SAP PCUI_GP and SAP EA-HR. Incompatibility between the support packages often cause many errors in the system.


In the end, I would like to mention the final guidelines:  and

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