This weblog is a continuation of the weblog: Common Problems with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe – PART I – If you have not read it yet please read it! Part I contained the JAVA side common configuration errors, now in part II we will check the issues wich are connected to ABAP side or occure in a later stage of the configuration.

P5. The destination Service


– The ABAP Test Program: FP_PDF_TEST_00 returns the Version information of the ADS but the Report: FP_TEST_00 fails with the Exception: FPRUNX001

Possible cause:

– Please check SAP note: #915399 what describes how the destination Servce has to be created / maintained.

P6. Printer Devices


–   message FPRUNX 113 (“Cannot find PDL type for output device XXXXX”)

Possible cause:

– The SAPWin printer can not be used together with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. Please reas SAP note: #685571
Unfortunatelly there is no workaround for this.

– Check the printer device associated with the caller user, make sure this printer does not uses the SAPWIN device type.

P7. Problem in complex landscapes only in NW04


– You use a Webdynpro for JAVA Application containing an Interactive Form, the form is not displayed.

– In the default trace file you can see the following error: time-out

Possible cause:

– Please check the stting:

Visual Administrator: Server -> Services -> Configuration Adapter -> webdynpro -> -> tcwddispwda

Check entry “sap.ADSCallingMode”
make sure here the value: ‘SOAP’ is entered. If not please change this to ‘SOAP’ and restart the cluster.

P8. Problem with the JMX Service.


– In the default trace you can see the following exception:

   Stack Trace:
   Caller Guest not authorized, only role administrators is allowed to access JMX

Possible cause:

– Start Visual Administrator and navigate to: Server node -> Services -> Security Provider.
 Please also make sure that the MBeanAdmin is mapped to the
Administrators Security role on both:



P9. xACF controls.


– You use Interactive Forms in Webdynpro Applications. The Form you are using uses ACF (Active Component Famework) technology and not ZCI (Zero client Installation). The PDF is not displayed, instead you see something like a broken image at the place the PDF should be displayed.

– You do not see adobe specific exceptions in the default trace file of your J2EE engine.

Possible cause:

– The Active Component Framework is not installed on your client. Please follow SAP note: #766191 and install the latest version of the Famework to your client.

– You are not using Internet Explorer for accessing the Webdynpro Application. Unfortunatelly ACF is only running in Internet Explorer. In Firefox / Mozilla you can only used ZCI based forms.

– You Famework is too old. Please try completely removing it as described in SAP note: #846952 and reinstall the latest version again as described above.

P10. Error while reading trusted anchor configuration information


– The Exception:
Error while reading trusted anchor configuration information:
can be raised when the system tries to seach one entry in SeureStore service. But within the default installation, this entry does not exist.

Possible cause:

– This can happen if you never opened the DocumentServiceConfiguration Service in the Visual Administrator.

  Open VA and navigate to: Server node -> Services -> DocumentServiceConfiguration.

-> The mentioned exception should not occure again.