The following provides a list of commonly used terms you encounter as you use the SAP HANA dynamic tiering option and read its documentation.

Term Description
Cold data Data stored on-disk.
Column store Contains in-memory HANA tables.
Column-store table A type of HANA table. Resides in the column store.
Dbspace A logical name for a container of files or raw partitions within extended storage.
Default store Is the HANA column store.
Delta For dynamic tiering, refers to row-level versioning.
DELTA MERGE Transforms delta storage data into a format optimized for read performance and memory consumption, and transfers it to main storage.
Delta store For dynamic tiering, write-optimized, in-memory store that works with the extended store. Delta stores use row-level versioning to allow concurrent table changes by multiple users without transaction lock waits.
Extended storage Contains on-disk dynamic tiering extended tables.
esserver The name of the dynamic tiering service.
Extended table A type of dynamic tiering table. Resides in extended storage.
hdbesserver The executable for esserver.
Hot store The SAP HANA in-memory store.
IMPORT Import catalog objects (tables, views, synonyms, sequences, procedures) that have previously been exported from dynamic tiering.
IMPORT FROM Import external data from a CSV file into an existing extended store table.
Main storage The part of the column store that contains the main part of the data, compressed and optimized for read access.
Row-level versioning (RLV) Allows more than one user to modify the same table concurrently.
Warm store Extended storage.

For general concepts as they relate to dynamic tiering, a good place to start is the Master Guide, available through our SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering Help Portal page.

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