Composite Application for NPI Process.

 In today’s global market “Time to Market” a new product largely determines the

Competitive edge of an organization holds in the industry. Thus organizations must meet shrinking market windows to stay ahead of the competition

 Apart from the New Product itself, organizations must compress supporting process steps of a product’s lifecycle. In New Product Introduction, peculiar pain points and therefore opportunity area’s for improvement are: 

  • Multi Departmental co-ordination at times multiple iterations with Customers
  • Number of Parallel and sequential processes carried out by various departments. This leads to status tracking becoming very difficult. Bottlenecks in the process are not easily identified.
  • Number of iterations in the design approval phase
  • Lack of structured historical data leading to lack of “Process Intelligence”
  • Traceability of various critical parameters such as cost, quality and design of the product across the entire cycle of the process
  • Since the communication happens across various platforms, it leads to the loopholes which ultimately lead to increasing the turnaround time
  • Apart from these functional pain points, there are application silos that pose data-integration challenges and therefore lack a unified view of the process lifecycle.
  • Reliance on manual processes supported by spreadsheets and a hodgepodge of disparate IT systems to accomplish strategic goals such as decreasing time to market, reducing product costs, and ensuring compliance.


Composite Application framework provides:

  • End to end view of the business process.
  • Opportunity for Customer Self Service
  • Agility to adapt to changes in the process.
  • Repeatable process in Global Organizations.
  • Integration of Transaction systems using Service Oriented Architecture.

Portal Layer: This can be utilized for Customer Self Service, and can enter New Product Request Form, which would have new product features or variations required on existing product. He will also provide the Sales Projections & Required Timelines.


Presentation Layer: This is a single point where all the stakeholders will get the process visibility (NPI process may involve departments Sales & Marketing, Design, Legal, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality etc to name a few)


Process Layer will orchestrate series of Human Processes & Background Tasks.


Integration & services Layer will use WSDL’s, ESB & Adopters will be utilized for interaction with Application Layer inclusive of Database, PLM or ERP.

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