Continuous Evolution of LMDB! Let’s Evaluate Again! I was just remembering how I was struggled to understand LMDB in SM 7.1 SP1 in my own sandbox; Those days I don’t have any source for reference except the guide from SAP and the blog #sapadmin:: How to assign Product System in SOLMAN 7.1 & How LMDB, SLD, SMSY and Landscape Verification  work in SOLMAN7…

This blog is the asset for my entire team to know where to start in LMDB.  During that time it was big debate with Tom Cenens in the blog Solution Manager 7.1 Landscape Management Database – A motorcycle or a bike?   about easy usage of LMDB, Later SAP come forward and clarified the road map, need and necessity of LMDB Evolution of Landscape Data Management – What’s better with LMDB?

We might thought it was just a vision,accepted and moved on. but it was not true, that was tremendous effort put on these concept, As promised by Bjoern Goerke in 2012 Teched, LMDB gradually evolved and it was much more mature now.

I was recently asked to give training to some of the functional colleagues on solution manager basic concepts; it was amazing, LMDB now become more self-guided and they done the entire setup without much hurdle. It was automatically guided them to assign the missing technical systems, product systems and logical components.

Continuous Evolution of LMDB! Let’s Evaluate Again!

It was made my job easy!  I was impressed and my entire team was satisfied. Two weeks before I had discussion with Tom, finally was decided to reopen the old poll and to collect the feedback again.

Before that, Thanks to Wolf Hengevoss  for his continuous effort to bring the product much simple and more powerful.

You can check out the recent changes of LMDB in sp10. Evolution of Landscape Data Management – Part II: What’s better with LMDB in SAP Solution Manager 7.1, SPS10?

Now time for you all, let’s evaluate LMDB in SM 7.1 SP10, and how do you all feel? Take few minutes and finish the Poll by June 30th 2014.  SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP10 LMDB

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