This document contains how many ways do we can control material master fields. We got information related with material master screens and fields Material master screens and fields 

We can control material master fields with configuration or transaction variant or user exit/badi.

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First way –>  i try to control field selection in material master with MM configurations.

Field selection groups : Field selection is effected by field selection groups, we can specify which attribute the fields with HideDisplayRequired entryOptional entry. We can change the assignment of the fields for material master records to the field selection groups. In standart R/3, there are 240 field selection groups. Sap gives permission customers to create new groups 111-120 reserved by us.

Sap provides us a lot of selection field selection influencing factors like PlantMaterial TypeIndustry sectorProcurement typeTransactionSap Solutions (Retail ,Business solution).

SPRO –> Logistics – General –> Material Master –> Field Selection –> Maintain Field Selection for Data Screens

For instance ; Field selection group 12 consists of MARA-AESZN , MARA-BLANZ , MARA-BLATT , MARA-ZEIAR ….

If you change a selection criteria , all fields of group be affected. Also , fields belong to MARA table , you can not control this fields by plant so they are client level . I change field selection group 12 which field referance C be done required field and save and take request.

Please try , go to MM01 , create a material master with industry sector (Chemical industry)

Fields of selection group 12 are required field for C Chemical Industry.

  Second example , i want to control material group individually. MARA-MATKL belongs to field selection group 2 with belowed fields.

How can i control only MARA-MATKL ? I want to do optional entry this field for material type ROH.

SPRO –> Logistics – General –> Material Master –> Field Selection –> Assign Fields to Field Selection Groups

*Create a new selection group for MARA-MATKL. 111-120 number range reserved for customers, write 111 to selection group and save.

  *After that go to OMSR tcode.

* Please check for material type ROH. We can see belowed screen shoot that material group is required field for ROH .

*How can i control MARC-WEBAZ for only plant 1200 ?

Go to OMSR –> Select field referance 001 and copy it.

* Fill field reference with 1200.

SPRO –> Logistics – General –> Material Master –> Field Selection –> Define Plant-Specific Field Selection and Plant-Specific Screen Selection

Please check configuration:

*Create a material in 1200 plant.

Now, how can i restrict changing of MARA-MSTAE ?

SPRO –> Logistics – General –> Material Master –> Field Selection –>Define Lock-Relevant Fields

   Second way –> Transaction Variant based on users.

I refer that document How to Create a Transaction Variant thanks to Malhar Jain


   Third way –> Badi or User exit MGA00001


   I refer document a badi example : How to Restrict Change Material Shot Text to Particular User and Material Type Using BADI_MATERIAL_CHECK – Code Gallery …


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   An example for user exit ;  Go to –> CMOD tcode , create a project like a ZMM.

Add MGA00001 to your project.

For example : if material type = ROH , i do not want to use valuation class =3100 .

This is a simple control for material master fields.

Sometimes, you need to do mandatory material master views and some classification fields. For solution please check :

Thanks to Tanmay Verma.

Finally , you can control material master fields with authorization –> Authorization in material master related with material types


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