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Sometimes we find that a Production/Process order is not getting costed. Or a material is not getting costed. There are certain settings where we can check for the problem. Basically this document is to understand where we can check with respect to PP to overcome the problem.


In material master costing 1 view “Do not cost” should not be checked.

As well the price should be maintained in Accounting1 view.


In OS20 the usage should be cost relevant.


Check in OS21 the setting is relevant for costing or not.


In customizing (OS22) the usage should be cost relevant.

Though it is a standard setting. It’s better to check for any customized usage.


In work center capacity tab page the capacity should be formula related.

As well is costing tab page formula should be maintained.

In KP26 the activity price should be maintained to calculate as per the formula.


In OP00 or OP67 check the control key is cost relevant.


Check on OP35 performance efficiency rate whether it is 100. Then it will capture the full cost.


Check in the BOM item in status/Lng text for cost relevancy. Though it is coming from customizing but can be changed in BOM itself.


In general data of Routing/Recipe relevant for costing indicator should be checked.

I think this many check will help us to provide the solution to our costing colleague.

Please add if you have any more point

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