Create Production Order without Material for Rework: Use this transaction to create production orders without a reference to a material. This transaction should be used to create re-work production orders. After settlement cost will get settled to the original production order.


Master data for rework:

Note: Need to create reference operation for each plant for each UOM to avoid manual entry.

Create reference operation set

SAP Menu: Logistics > Production Order > Master Data > Routing > Routings > Reference Operation Sets > CA11 – Create

Note: After Executing CA11, just enter without giving data in initial screen

Pic 1 1 9428600

Enter the description in the Group counter Description field.

Enter Work Center, Control Key, Description, Base quantity. Enter and SAVE.

Pic 6 5932353

Routing created with Reference number zzzzzzzz (50000100).

Create Production order without Material for Rework:

SAP Menu: Logistics > Production Order > Shop Floor Control > Order > Create > CO07 – Without Material.

Enter Plant and order type.

NOTE:  The user can enter any relevant information into this descriptive field, such as production order number and serial number of the machine being reworked (limit of 40 characters).

Enter “Rework for Production Order “123456789”.

Click in the Total Qty field and enter the quantity, like 100.

Note: Notice the Scheduling Type field is defaulted to “Backwards”
If the user has a specific date to start the rework order, then the finish or start dates should be entered.  If no date is entered, the order will default to the current date.
Select “Current date from drop down.

Pic 19 5296631

Note: The user will be taken to the Routing Selection screen.
Click on “Ref. Operation Set”

Pic 12 9904233

Note: The user will be taken to the settlement rule over view screen to enter the Original order.
Enter the desired information in the Cat field.
Enter “ORD”.
Enter order number 123456789

Click the Back button.

Pic 14 4377305

Click in the component overview
Enter the component(s) which will be used in the rework in the Component field.

Click in the Reqmts Qty. field and enter qty.
Click the Operation list button to see a list of valid operations.

Double-click on the row to select the Default Operation.
This step will tie the component to a specific operation.

Pic 16 2657281

SAVE the production order.

Release the Production order and confirm (T-code CO11N).

Create Production Order without Material for Rework Following configuration needs to be done:

Production -> Shop Floor Control -> Master Data -> Order -> Define Order Type

Assign Settlement profile to “ZP01”.

Next, Configure Settlement profile for the production order:

Finance Accounting -> Asset Accounting -> Transactions -> Capitalization of Assets under Construction -> Define/Assign Settlement Profiles – Define Settlement Profile

Pic 17 8467715

Activate Order with option “1”.


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