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Create SAP Fiori applications using ABAP LPD_CUST for Beginners: SAP Fiori is the user experience for SAP software, enabling a responsive, personalized, and satisfying experience across devices. It is based on SAPUI5. I Created document for how to configure fiori apps for beginners which helps to understand basic ideas. Just follow the 20 simple steps mentioned below for fiori step by step easy configuration.


  1. Create New Launchpad from LPD_CUST. Give Role, Instance and Description


2. Click the New Application

3. Enter Link Text. Follow all the places same name to avoid name mismatch. I recommended to follow same BSP file name in all the places. Select application type as “URL”


4.  Before that get the application URL from SICF. Give your BSP file name in Service name and press F8.




5. You got service Hierarchy. Choose ui5_ui5 service (Highlighted below) and Double click on the service.


6. Copy the highlighted URL area  following with your service name and paste into your application URL in your Launchpad (Now goto step 3)


7. Click the URL Editor.



8. Paste the service URL.



9. Click the Show Advanced Parameters button

10. Enter Application Alias Name (Any name you can fallow).  Then save your Lauchpad.


11. Create Semantic Object by using  /UI2/SEMOBJ . Enter Custom Semantic object, Semantic Object name and description and Save.

12. Open  Fiori Admin URL. Create new Tile either  Static or Dynamic. At the time of create give own Tile ID and Name.  Then, In tiles configuration give Semantic object name and Action.


13. In Target Mapping configuration(Intent)  give your semantic object name and Action. (Note: Tile config and Target Mapping config Action should be same) and save.


14. In Target Mapping Configuration(Target), Choose “Other SAP Fiori” option. Here, Give your launchpad role, Instance, Application Alias name and save.


15. Create Groups with own Group ID and text. Once created, Add tile.


16. Select your Tile and check the checkbox to enable. Now assign the roles to users to access this catalogs and groups.


17. Create or Open user roles by using PFCG. In Menu tab add Fiori tile Group and Catalog by clicking the Transaction button (Small down arrow).


18. Give your Tile ID and Group ID. (These ID’s created step 12 and step 15). Give UserID to User tab.

19. Open Fiori Launchpad, Now our tile has appeared.


20. Click on the tile, it can be redirected into our application.


Thats it.. ..!!


I will be glad to hear your feedback and listen to all your questions.



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