Create Your First Smart Business KPI and Tiles in 10 Minutes: In my previous articles, I explained Smart Business Service and how to subscribe it in HANA Cloud Platform.

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In this article, we will do a hands-on and create a KPI and Tiles using Smart Business Service.

Start your stop watch, this would not take more than 10 minutes ???? ????

User case:

Before creating a KPI, you need an OData service as a data source. Here we will use a OData service provided by Smart Business Service for demo purpose.

Here we will create a KPI to analyze Average Product Rating for Alpine System Supplier Company. The final result will be as below.

Note: This is just a demo data and does not give any actual information about Alpine System Company.

Create KPI

1. Go to Fiori Launchpad site and click on Create KPI Apps.

2. Enter KPI Title as “Average Product Rating”.

3. Go down and enter Source System as “BusinessSystem00”.

    Enter OData Service as “/ssb/services/democontent/odata/smartbusiness.svc”.

Note 1 : You need to manually type the Source System name (BusinessSystem00). In next article, I will explain how to configure BusinessSystem destiantions so that it will come in value help popup.

Note 2 : If you want to use any other OData service, then configure your own BusinessSystem and use that.

4. Click on Entity Set and select “Purchase” entity. Further click on Value Measure and select “Rating”.

5. Finally click on “Activate and Add Evaluation”.

Create Evaluation

1. Enter title as For Alpine System.

2. Go down and click on “Optional Filters”.

3. Select “Supplier Company” and click on OK.

4. Click on “Values” and select Alpine System.

 5. Enter following Thresholds and finally click on “Activate and Configure Tiles”

Configure Tile

1. Click on “Add Tile” button.

2. Select Catalogs and Groups.

Note: You can add Tile to any Catalog and Group. Catalogs and Groups are used to enable role-based access to apps in Fiori Launchpad. To know more about it refer to Creating and Configuring Catalogs

3. Click on “Save and Configure Drill-down”.

Configure Drill-down

1. Click on “Configure” button.

2. Select “Product name” as Dimension.

3. Select “Rating for Item” as Measure.

4. Enter “View Title” and click on “Save”.

5. Click on “Save Configuration”.

Congratulation! You have successfully create KPI, Evaluation, Tiles and Drill-down.

Check Smart Business Tile

Go to Fiori Launchpad home page and newly created Tile should be available in the “Sample Group”.

Click on the tile to see drill-down chart (Average rating by product name).

Note: A complete implementation guide on Smart Business Service is also available at SAP-Press. You may also use code “RMSAP10” to get 10% off.

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