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I am writing this is with referance to the question where one of our friend want to extract some information from system with the help of report.

To Create the report in CPS, once loged in into CPS go to “Definition–>Reports”. Right click to Report and choose New Report (you can duplicate the already created report too).

Step 1: Fill in the basic required details.

if you want to fetch the data from database table then please provide the table name in the query.

Step 2: Please add the column which you want to display in the output and you want to use in selection filter.

Step 3: If you want then please add the selection.

Step 3: Please cross check the report preview in “Report Privew” tab.

Step 4: Once done with all above step please SAVE the report created.

Step 5: Then for getting output submit the report.

Step 6: Please select the report format you want and submit the report.

Step 7: Then please find the out put file and do the needful.

Hope this will clear how to create the report.

Please correct me in case any mistake/Correction in the content.

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