Creating Version Notification through Plant Connectivity Management & PIC

System Landscape:

  • Ø MII : 15.1 SP1 P0
  • Ø SAP PCo:
  • Ø KepServer: 5.17.495.0 (evaluation version)

Prerequisite Settings:

  • Ø SAP MII Server and SAP PCo Server and Kep Server are connected in network.
  • Ø Firewall setting is well in place to ensure both ways traffic is flowing.
  • Ø Host profiles are maintained in Both MII and PCo servers.

Steps I have performed to achieve notification creation from MII to PCo:

Created Source in PCo for KepServer and agent for the same:

  I have created DA type source for kepserver in PCo. And created Alias for the same to be used in MII for query in alias mode for the agent instance.


Created  KepOPC Agent instance for Kepserver source system. Kept logging mode as verbose (should not be used in Productive env.)

Given  9000 as a query port for MII.

Taken the alias created in source for query.

No Subscription Item created, though its appearing in SS , because at the time of publishing notification created in MII it gets created automatically.

Rest of the settings tabs are as default.

Created Data Server:

Created PIC to be used in Notification creation:

In new change, under Root created Alert1001 as SAP_Plant, MBF as SAP_Workcenter, FurnaceGroup01 as SAP_FunctionalLocation, Furnace01Temp & Furnace01Pres as SAP_MeasuringPoint.

Used some of the property set values. will pass this as notification expression context in the notification XML.

Created Notification in Plant Connectivity Management:

For Furnace01Pres I have created the trigger on true, with the below triggering exp

[Root/Alert/MBF/FurnaceGroup01/Furnace01Pres] >=1000 || [Root/Alert/MBF/FurnaceGroup01/Furnace01Pres] <= 400

Created 2 output expressions with  context.

The expressions are:

EXP1: [Root/Alert/MBF/FurnaceGroup01/Furnace01Pres]

EXP2: if([Root/Alert/MBF/FurnaceGroup01/Furnace01Pres] >= 1000 || [Root/Alert/MBF/FurnaceGroup01/Furnace01Pres] <= 400 , “Root/Alert/MBF/FurnaceGroup01/Furnace01Pres”, “”)

Here in context I have mapped property values created in PIC and it will be passed in notification XML upon trigger.

Message delivery I have left as default.

Destination are created for MII transaction and simulation (not required to created but should be created in PCO side )

Created MII transaction just to right the notifications in file.

Save  the Notification.

  1. Next > Publish to PCo.
  2. Next > Activate.

Only publishing will create the notification in SAP PCo. But it will in stopped state. Activating it will start it in PCo .

Same is got Created. As in the SS can be seen Furnace01PresNotiff (002), it’s the earlier version of the same notification and in expiring state. Each time from Plant Connectivity Management screen we update the Furnace01PresNotiff notification we have to republish it and activate it and it will create new version with the current state of the notification and push the earlier version in expiring state, eventually that gets deleted from PCo.

When trigger the notification from KepOPC:

PCo receives it and starts processing it.

Finally we receive that in MII:

As in the XML can be seen, MII has received all the values of output expression as well as the context of each expression. Now this information we can use as per business required processing logic. 

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