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I would like to briefly discuss the a common error we see in importing CTS+ transports usually in a PI system.

Sometimes we see that the PI transports(or transports involving CTS+ ) start failing in deployment status with error return code 12 and error log

SoapFaultCode:5 Authentication failed. For details see log entry logID=XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Fig 1 : Transport failing with RC12 in Deployment phase.

Fig 2 : Transport log

The error would first look like the user importing the transport is missing required authorizations to perform this transport.

As a part of CTS+ configuration we would create a an RFC called CTSDEPLOY pointing to the J2ee system which is hosting the CTS Deploy web service.

So, to start with troubleshooting this issue, one can use the below steps:


Check if the RFC connection CTSDEPLOY is responding as expected : You can check this from the ABAP system you are importing the transport. Transaction SM59. The connection test on the RFC connection would look like below if it working fine.

Fig3 : Connection test of CTSDEPLOY RFC connection.

    • If the RFC connection is successful, please verify if it is pointing to the right Web service (CTS Deploy) and make required corrections if required. If everything is fine here, then the error would be different to the one mentioned above.
    • If the RFC connection fails,
      • Check if the J2EE user used for the connection is locked or expired?
      • Check if the J2EE user has relevant authorizations to perform the transport ( not the user we are using to import the request in ABAP system)
      • Check if the Web Service CTS deploy is is running fine on JAVA side.

Generally, the RFC connection should be maintained with system user so that the password change on the RFC user would not be required and hence avoiding unwanted issues with user getting locked due multiple login failures when the password changes and the RFC is not updated with the new password.

From my experience these steps should allow you to fix the error mentioned in this document, I would keep updating this document if I come across any new error are additional steps in troubleshooting.

I hope this would help few of Basis folks, feel free to comment your experiences with CTS+ issues , and I would like include them in this document.

To learn more about CTS+ and its configuration please refer to below links

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Thanks for your time.

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