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On August, Wednesday 3 we hosted our d-shop’s very first Hololens Hackaton. People who had never used Unity3D before and of course who had never code for the Hololens before gathered together to have a fun and exciting learning experience.

Thanks to the hard work and organization efforts from my team partners Aaron Williams and Julia Satsuta  we had three awesome guys from Microsoft Vlad Kolesnikov, Petri Wihelmsen and Jaime Rodriguez.

The first day was spend with explanations of what Hololens is…a quick introduction to Unity3D and a design thinking / brainstorming part where the teams could develop their ideas.

The second day started with Hololens coding and coaching from our side. People were totally excited and pumped up…trying things out on the Unity3D editor…on the Hololens emulator and on the device itself.

As a way to include more people and leave the teams working without too many distractions, we had a session on Hololens on Building 7…open for anyone to join in…

After that, we went back to keep coaching and helping the teams. They needed to be fully ready by 3:30pm as we had the demo presentation at 4:00pm.

The demo presentation happened at the cafeteria on Building 8.

We had 5 teams presenting their awesome work…


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Next Talent

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The Wesley Crushers

Is your pipe broken? Check it…measure it and request a replacement

As you can see…all the teams put a lot of effort and created some really awesome demos…but…there’s always need to be only one winner…so the last team to present was the team who won…so…congratulations “The Wesley Crushers” team!

After this really nice experience…I’m sure we’re going to come back for more…Hololens is still a brand new technology, so there’s still a lot to learn, a lot to hack and a lot of possibilities.

If you’re in Palo Alto…come and visit us! Remember that the d-shop is located on the first floor of Building 9 on Deer Creek Road ????

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