Deleting material assignments from inspection plans: Recently I had the issue that a material has been wrongly assigned to an inspection plan in a test system. If you remove the assignment in QP02 via the delete button, the system only sets a deletion indicator in table MAPL on this assignment. Hence the material assignment is still blocking actions like “change of unit of measure”. After digging a bit in the internet I found an SAP report for this, which I like to share also here on SCN.

Standard solution

The correct way to get rid of the assignment is to archive the complete inspection plan (I have not found a way so far to just archive a material-task list assignment).


Beside using transaction QSR6 (which deletes the complete inspection plan from the database without archiving), there is an SAP report that just deletes material assignments from the database: RCPMAPL1

With entering the task list type (e.g. Q) and the group ID, the report displays all assignments. The ones that should be removed can be marked and deleted. It is advisable to first remove the assignment with QP02, as then the deletion indicator will be visible in the report. This ensures that you tick the right assignment…


As always with these kind of actions: be aware that you bypass most SAP security concepts (like dependency/integrity checks,…) with this action! You will most likely need a special approval from (IT) Managment and you normally have to record these actions and document them so that an auditor will understand why this had to be done.



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